Quickies: Treo, MyPalm 2.0, Landware

After have been available online for several weeks, the Handspring Treo 180 and 180g are now available at some Best Buy, Staples, CompUSA stores, as well as Fry's Electronics, J&R, and Amazon.com. -PR

Palm Inc. has released MyPalm 2.0 for i705 users, which contains an improved interface and updated features including MyPage, and access to AOL Mail and content. -Ed

LandWare, Inc has announced that the GoType! Pro Keyboard and HotLink USB Cable are compatible with the new Palm m515 and m130 models. LandWare's floating*point stylus is also compatible with the m515. -PR

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Floating Point Stylus

scouter075 @ 3/26/2002 8:43:02 AM #
A "tip" for M5XX hard case users. You know that funny looking top that comes with the stylus for the Palm Hard Case? You can unscrew it and put it on the the Landware Floating Point Stylus and us it with the Hard Case.


Treo at Radio Shack - Canada

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 9:19:16 AM #
I had submitted this information last week, but did not see it show up on PIC.

The Treo will be available at Radio Shack on April 2/02 for $749.99 with a two year service plan or for $999.99 unactivated. This info is available on thier website.

For those not living in Canada - you can certainly see how expensive PDAs etc. are here!


RE: Treo at Radio Shack - Canada
Ed @ 3/26/2002 9:50:54 AM #
> I had submitted this information last week, but did not see it show up on PIC.

You were a bit late. I had already run a Quickie about the Treo at Radio Shack Canada a few days before I heard from you:

I try to send a "Thanks but..." email to people in this same situation but last week was a particularly busy one for me.

News Editor

RE: Treo at Radio Shack - Canada
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 10:26:07 AM #
I'm not sure, but I'm betting the Canadian price you quoted is in Canadian Dollars. If so, then
US price would be around $477 using the current exchange rate of $1.57CAD to $1USD.

RE: Treo at Radio Shack - Canada
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 11:32:20 AM #
Well Treo Price is going up to $599 as of April 2nd according to the latest Handspring newsletter.

Registered software

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 9:18:40 AM #
This is not related to this story but anyway... I had a registered software program with PalmUtil.com when I was using a Palm Vx. Now that I upgraded to a m515 they want me to register again. I find this to be an outrageous policy and I would caution all palm users from using this companies software. All my other registered software made the transition no problem.

Does anyone have a similiar experience with this company or another?

RE: Registered software
fleegle @ 3/26/2002 9:36:49 AM #
I don't think that they wnt you to pay again to register. If they did, then I would drop them.

Some software is tied to the serial number of the unit. The serial number resides somewhere in ROM. One program I use, QuoVadis from MarcoSoft, is tied to the unit serial number. I sent them an e-mail explaining the device change and gave them both the old and new serial numbers of the devices. They sent me the updated software at no cost.

Yes, it is a little bit of a hassle.

Getting back to the topic now....
TDS @ 3/26/2002 9:37:25 AM #
So, did you have to re-pay for the software or just type in your registration code again?

And now, back to our topic...

My distributor (Ingram Micro) is now showing some of the Treo supplies as available part numbers. There are none in stock, but the fact that they now have them in the database means they will be available to Handspring Distributors in a few weeks.

They list a "Treo Serial Hotsync Cable" as one of the parts, which I had not heard of before. Probably just because I had never looked for one...


RE: Registered software
PalmUtil @ 3/26/2002 10:34:14 AM #
This customer is 100% correct.

I am the President of PalmUtil.com and would like to be open about my policies and wish to mis-lead no one. It is unfortunate that this customer chose not to contact me, and he hid his/her name.

I would also like to add I am VERY NICE when the customer is nice. I even give out FREE Software KEYS a lot just because a customer is nice to me (EVEN IF THEY FAKE IT!) Why? Because it is REFRESHING to have a nice customer. When a customer is NASTY with me, they are asking for me to be NASTY with them.

Truthfully, I can NOT afford to work for FREE. I charge a ONE TIME SMALL FEE of $10 for my KEYS and with that you get UNLIMITED customer support (support@PalmUtil.com). Plus I throw in a lot of FREE add-ons (like with TotalCar you get 5 apps for the price of 1!) and did anyone mention to PROMOTE my new software titles I OFTEN give out FREE KEYS to previous Customers just for being a previous customer with hopes they will promote the title for me!

Now although I charge for the KEYS, often when a CUSTOMER needs a NEW key, they simply have to ASK POLITELY and 99 out of 100 times they are GRANTED a FREE NEW KEY. When someone DEMANDS a NEW KEY, I don't respond well to being told what to do.

IN SUMMARY, please understand I sell SOFTWARE KEYS that will work INDEFINITELY with your current Handheld (and if you needed a repair I am more than cooperative in these unavoidable matters.) If you VOLUNTARILY buy a new Handheld then YES you will need a NEW KEY. That is what I sell...KEYS! I can't make a living updating KEYS for FREE for a purchase done 2-years ago and they are asking me for the UMPTEENTH time for a new KEY for their NEW Handheld. I am in business to make money, yet I also keep my prices VERY LOW so EVERYONE can afford to buy my programs! Afterall, I'm in the LOW-INCOME bracket myself and understand how it is to not be able to afford NICE programs that are HIGH PRICED!

RE: Registered software
palmphoneguy @ 3/26/2002 10:56:17 AM #
Boy this kinda post completely turns me against a vendor. Whatever you're selling, I'm sure I can do fine without.

Turns me off too
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 11:07:16 AM #
Sorry, but you do nothing for your business by flaming your customers. I'm personally not going to buy from you. I think you need to take a deep breath and take some time to think about your marketing approach.


I understand both sides of this.
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 11:41:05 AM #
As a Palm developer who has product "out there", I fully understand PalmUtil's bitterness towards a market that - frankly - is full of inadvertent thieves. Unless you're "a biggie", you have no market unless your product is $15 or $20 - and suddenly you have the perception that your software "isn't worth much". So otherwise honest people will use your work product in a forever-procrastinated "I'll pay for it someday," which, of course, never comes. If that "cool app" isn't keyed, 9 out of 10 of your users won't have paid for it.

Considering what it takes to write software for public distribution (solid code, support, time and effort spent on a reasonable UI), too many - way too many - small developers end-up working for less than minimum wage. This is not right.

On the other hand, it shouldn't be necessary to hobble applications just to have some assurance of being paid. I personally HATE copy-protected and keyed software because it gets in the way... constantly. Many people change PDA's like some folk change underwear, and a key system just flat stinks. Copy protection also means that support costs (that is, time to handle e-mails, etc.) jump through the roof, which is less time spent coding new products or adding improvements.

So maybe Mr. PalmUtil went off half-****ed and chose his words poorly. Yes, he obviously has a chip on his shoulder, but I fully understand and sympathize with the frustration behind it, and hope that you other folks can, too.

Sign me "staying anonymous for good reason".

RE: Registered software
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 2:28:44 PM #
I am the original poster and I was not trying to hide by not posting my name I just don't feel it is necessary. My purpose is to let others know how this company does business and to find out what other companies do this as well.

I have no problem paying for software after the demo period. The program I was using was very good but I don't feel I should be penalized for buying a new handheld. I feel the keys should be there to prevent piracy and to make sure you pay for a programs.

To answer the last post, they definitely want me to pay for a program I already paid for.

RE: Registered software
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 3:14:15 PM #
It's seems pretty greedy to expect someone to pay for software again simply because that person is changing devices. It's one thing to require payment for an upgrade, but it's quite another to require payment to use the same version on a different device.

I'm glad to know this in advance. I was about to buy two different programs from PalmUtil and now I am not going to. I will find and buy someone else's program.


RE: Registered software
PalmUtil @ 3/26/2002 4:15:51 PM #
I can't resist the temptation to POST yet another response (this is TOO DELICIOUS!!!)

I am ONE GUY sitting in my apartment trying to do this for a LIVING! Guess what! It ain't working! I can't do this full-time and get a decent wage. I DO HAVE A CHIP ON MY SHOULDER!!! Someone explain how I sell a program for $10 that gets THOUSANDS of downloads EACH MONTH but I make barely a HUNDRED or so a month on it. If more people paid, this FREE KEY thing wouldn't even be an ISSUE.

FREE KEYS for all Paid-Customers would be my motto!

But I am going broke! I find myself sitting at my computer offering FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT ALL DAY LONG (responding to emails VERY FAST all day long) and making NO MONEY AT ALL!!! You pay me $10 a year ago and expect me to stay in business? You guys pay CABLE-TV MONTH AFTER MONTH for RE-RUNS but you won't pay me for a new key!

By the way, I have something to STUN you all with! Your GONNA LOVE THIS! I recently started a side business doing Digital Embroidery with my wife. GUESS WHAT? The Software was $1,600.00 and it came with a HARDWARE KEY (plugs into Parallel Port!) They state on the BOX, if you LOSE or DAMAGE this KEY there are NO REPLACEMENTS! You must RE-PURCHASE the program again for $1600. That's Right! I called them! They verified this to me over the phone! Can you imagine? I ask a previous customer for a FEE to reset their KEY for a new Handheld ($5 or $10) and they have a RAGE TANTRUM on me! Try re-buying a $1600 software for a broken Key! Suddenly I'm not so bad am I?

RE: Registered software
TDS @ 3/26/2002 11:14:54 PM #
Wow, if nothing else, Palmutil is getting some free press here. I know i am going to go over to his site and see what his software is! There truly are two sides to this argument, and I see them both. Maybe a good compromise would be "One year free upgrades", and make a note that if the hardware changes, it is free for the first year, and discounted after that. It's just a thought.
Best of luck to palmutil... I hope that the Embroidery business and the Palm software business are both successful.

RE: Registered software
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/27/2002 12:28:42 PM #
Sure it's free press, but its free bad press (and yes
there is such a thing). The guy is nuts. He's
treating his paying customers like dirt because he's
angry the people who don't pay.

I think PalmUtil needs to realize that its programs are
not even worth the $10 that they charge. What happens is,
people download them, and don't like them, so they don't
buy them. Even the best selling programs only have about
one sale per 10 downloads. That's how shareware works.

I agree with the previous poster, a one year of free
upgrades deal might be a good idea for him. Its much
better than his current policy, "I'll give you an
upgrade if I feel like it."

If you're doing this full-time and not making any money,
then maybe you need to figure out how to make better
products and offer better customer service, not treat
your customers like they're the enemy.

RE: Wonderful Customers!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/27/2002 12:48:22 PM #
It's the PalmUtil Guy Again!

Hey Out There! Isn't this Great!

Anyway, I want everyone to know that I have MANY MANY happy customers, and you wanna hear something really weird? Something that is a FACT as opposed to opinion-based like the previous response...a lot of my customers tell me "YOUR APPS ARE SO GREAT YOU SHOULD BE CHARGING MORE FOR THEM!"

They think I'm nuts for under-charging! Maybe I am nuts! But I'm in a HAPPY PLACE and don't want it to end!

My current Policy is NOT "Free Key if I feel like it!"

My current Policy is to establish CUSTOMER SATISFACTION and complete the sale and make sure the program works GREAT! UNLIMITED CUSTOMER SUPPORT! Once the program is properly registered there IS NO PROBLEM!!! The program will work forever on your Handheld!

Low-Prices, Unlimited Customer Support, and Promotional Software Given out to Existing Customers!

The BIGGEST thing that upsets my existing customers is that FACT I sell and CREATE Palm Programs that contain NUDITY. Many people are upset about this. But I don't FORCE it on them. I have SERIOUS BUSINESS Applications as well as Adult-Entertainment Software!

I am currently Developing my next NUDITY program RIGHT NOW! I can't think of anything more fun than doing what I am doing now! (Except maybe making this for the Playstation-2 with even BETTER Graphics!)

RE: Past Customer
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/27/2002 9:41:18 PM #
I happen to know this PalmUtil.com web-site.

They helped me with my HOMELOAN Calculator Software and I was VERY IMPRESSED with this guys Customer Service.

I admit I never was rude, which may be why I only saw his "good" side, but he walked me through the ENTIRE process of how to download, HotSync, and use my HomeLoan program! We must have talked on the phone for 45-minutes and he never once complained!

The only reason I am writing is because I happen to LOVE his Software and his Customer Service and don't understand what all the fuss is about?

P.S. For all my "fellow" REALTORS out there, I want to say you HAVE TO TRY HomeLoan, it is just Absolutely AWESOME for the $10 price-tage. It out-performs my $100 Casio Calculator that I purchased specifically for Realtor Calculations. It is easier to use, faster, and far more powerful!

Treo 180 and 180....

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 10:19:54 AM #
I'm assuimg one of those is the 180g

RE: Treo 180 and 180....
Ed @ 3/26/2002 10:23:01 AM #
You are correct. I edited the article.

In a related issue, Handspring has started referring to these both as the 180. For example, here's a quote from this press release, "The company is shipping Treo 180 nationwide to select Best Buy, Staples and CompUSA stores." From context you can figure out they are referring to both the 180 and 180g. I think it would be better if they at least called it the Treo 180 series, or something like that.

News Editor

RE: Treo 180 and 180....
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 11:31:27 AM #
Or maybe they have decided to just go with the Treo 180 whcih is the keyboard version. I think this one is outsellign the g version by far.


I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 12:00:55 PM #
That MyPage application looks like a pretty nicely made PQA. I wish all PQAs were as well thought out.

RE: MyPage
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/26/2002 7:29:08 PM #
What is the difference between the old Mypalm1.0 and the new Mypalm2.0?
I don't notice any difference.



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