David Pogue reviews the Visor Deluxe

David Pogue, author of Palm: The Ultimate Guide, reviewed the Visor Deluxe over at MacWorld. He reviews the handheld from a Mac users perspective and does a nice job of describing the Visors strengths and weaknesses. Read the full review here.

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The Kiss of death to Palm-Not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KCPUG#20 @ 12/23/1999 9:39:07 AM #
I have twice handled a Visor Deluxe,and I was not impressed with the feel.It felt like it was made by Mattel Toys. The machine can not live up to the hype. It can't even get out the door!!!!! I am not saying Goodbye to Palm......Maybe Hello to TRGPro. It really SOUNDS OFF!!! What a good device for the money......

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/23/1999 10:10:32 AM #
Actually, for the same money (around $329US), you can get either a TRGPro with 8MB of RAM, or a Visor Deluxe *and* an 8MB SpringBoard Flash Module. The Visor gives you twice the RAM for the same cost. Now, I'm not knocking the TRGPro, but if you're talking strictly value, the Visor Deluxe wins. As for cheap appearances, if you eschew the tacky colored cases and stick with Graphite, the machine looks quite nice. It certainly looks no cheaper than a Palm III. I've handled every type of PalmOS device, and the Visor is made every bit as well as any current-generation Palm product. Any subjective differences that individual users are perceiving are of little practical consequence. For folks upgrading from Pilots or PalmPilots (e.g., Pros and Personals), however, they'll find the Visor to be quite a lot sturdier by comparison.
RE: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/23/1999 1:02:51 PM #
It is not a matter of beauty; the issue is durability. The graphite colored Visor was the only model I handled. I am just echoing what David Pogue and others have said. C F fash disks do not cost very much and can give you LOTS of memory. One can dance around the Visor for the cost of a C F disk. You also don't have to WAIT for a C F disk to get to you.
RE: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...
I.M. Anonymous @ 12/26/1999 12:33:35 AM #
It's really hard to compare the Visor's SpringBoard to a CF card for one significant reason: software compatibility. The SpringBoard's flash ROM is essentially the same as a Palm's built-in flash ROM, in that although it has the same limitations (and one more, if a program is hard-coded to use Card 0), at least programs can be run directly from the SpringBoard module without having to be copied to RAM. This isn't the case with the TRGPro's CF card. Any apps and files have to first be copied to RAM in order to be usable, or at least this will be the case until applications become TRGPro-compatible (and even then you won't be able to actually run applications from the CF card, you'll only be able to have programs in RAM directly access data files stored on the CF card). This functional difference can lead to significant differences in terms of usability and overall utility, depending on what a user is looking for in a memory expansion scheme. For some, the TRGPro will be completely unacceptable. For a few others, it will be the only usable option, especially if 8MB of flash ROM isn't sufficient (the SpringBoard's current limit).

By the way, it's David POGUE (not Pouge).

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/23/1999 10:17:18 AM #
RE: By the way, it's David POGUE (not Pouge).
@tomic212 @ 12/23/1999 11:19:16 AM #
Thanks! Fixed it. Sorry David if you saw that ;)


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