A Truckload of Accessories Announced

A wide variety of accessories for several different handheld models have been announced in the past couple of weeks, including a modem, a hard case, and some others.

Portsmith has developed a cradle that acts as a modem and can also charge a handheld's battery. The company hasn't announced yet what the modem speed will be. It works with models that use Palm's Universal Connector but the company is working on versions for other models, too. It will be available later this month from iGo for $150.

Proporta is now offering a metal hardcase for the Sony T series. It's made of aluminium with an anodised finish and has a neoprene lining. It offers cut-outs to let the user access the Memory Stick slot, Jog Dial, and stylus. It is available now for $31.

InnoPocket has announced metal replacement styli for the Palm m500 series or the Sony T series. Each stylus has a metal shaft with a hard plastic tip and a soft silicon top. A set of two styli sells for $16. The company is taking preorders for them now.

Brando is now offering a Y-shaped cable that lets a T or NR series handheld from Sony connect to either a USB or serial port. It costs $25.

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I.M. Anonymous @ 7/10/2002 3:41:54 PM #
Does anyone know anything about/have experience with the Proporta case for the T615? At first I thought it was simply the Innopocket case being marketed under a different name, but if you compare photos of the two, the cutouts are slightly different.

They're very similar cases, but I wonder if the Proporta case has an advantages over the Innopocket case?

RE: Proporta
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/10/2002 4:53:47 PM #
I wonder if Innopocket is going to sue Proporta. The similarities there are just a little too much.
RE: Proporta
bcombee @ 7/10/2002 5:15:56 PM #
I just compared Proportia's pictures with my T615C's Innopocket case, and except for the metal stamping on the front of the Proportia case, they were identical, down to the the cutouts.

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RE: Proporta
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/11/2002 10:56:50 AM #
uh oh....
RE: Proporta
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/11/2002 11:12:29 AM #
ok....the T series needs a flip top metal case...


I.M. Anonymous @ 7/10/2002 5:34:08 PM #
....on the subject of accessories....does anyone know when the bluetooth memory stick will be available in the US, if at all?
RE: Bluetooth??
Guinfs @ 7/10/2002 6:22:15 PM #
I would like to know it either. I live in Brazil and could manage to buy the japanese version but Im not too sure if it would work well since I cant read japanese. Does anyone know if the japanese version comes with english software too?

RE: Bluetooth??
I.M. Anonymous @ 7/11/2002 1:33:55 AM #
It is sold in the UK by now:

The rest of Europe is scheduled for August/September.
I do not know about the US.

RE: Bluetooth??
iain.collins @ 7/11/2002 7:49:59 AM #
I had this on order for over a month from Expansis and they said it would be with me the next day!

It wasn't and every day after that they said "shipping in the next 4 days, shipping in the next 4 days". It never arrived.

After 6 weeks I asked for an honest answer, they just lied *again* so I gave up and cancelled an entire order for ~500 UKP because they it was delayed waiting on this Memory Stick. Grr.

A truck load eh?

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/11/2002 1:20:35 AM #
a pen, a case, a cradle and a y connector..damn its flooding accessories! jk.
RE: A truck load eh?
Strider_mt2k @ 7/11/2002 6:34:30 AM #
Well, they are making trucks smaller nowadays...

RE: A truck load eh?
TDS Computer @ 7/11/2002 10:10:05 AM #
And there really were A LOT of those pens! :)

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Porporta + Innopocket

I.M. Anonymous @ 7/11/2002 10:22:50 AM #
The case fit beautifully on the T615. I would recommended to anyone.

However it will not fit the T665 because the cut out for the Jog Dial is not big enough and it covers the Hold button (Remember the T665 has an MP3 Player).

If you try to put the T665 in it, it will scratch the device and the headphone jack and the hold button will be covered.



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