Palm V to III accessory adapter avail. on PalmGear

Solvepoint Corporation is pleased to announce that the Solvepoint PalmDock V is now available on PalmGearH.Q. PalmGearHQ is one of the oldest and most respected purveyors of Palm hardware and software. This distribution agreement comes in the wake of an explosive product launch and sweeping user acceptance of the PalmDock V as an elegant high-utility Palm V accessory. The PalmDock V enables your Palm V to use Palm III accessories including the Go-Type keyboard and Palm III modem. See for more info. PalmGear H.Q. gives PalmDock V customers cheaper shipping options outside the U.S. The PalmDock V and Developer's kit are still available on, but users are encouraged to do their shopping at PalmGear H.Q. You can find it on this page.

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