Palms on Capitol Hill

The Boston Globe has a good article on how Palms are catching on in the US Congress. Seems that the Palm has become a local sensation on the floors of DC. The article mentions that every one from Al Gore to William S. Cohen has caught the Palm Pilot fever. They credit the craze to the long list of phone numbers and busy schedules congressmen have to keep. Noticed the link on PDA Geek.

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"Mindspring Visor...?"

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/27/1999 2:27:06 PM #
Heh...the "Mindspring Visor." Ya gotta bet that Earthlink is loving that one. ;-)

More an entertainment piece than serious

Chris Swanson @ 12/28/1999 3:35:20 PM #
It's obvious that the author doesn't have one.
He/she did some research (probably looking through past
artices about the device) but I doubt the author ever
used one. The statement about the "Mindspring Visor"
(LOL) was a little misleading. No mention that
Handspring's founder is Jeff Hawkins, the man that
came up with the idea for the original Pilot even
before 3Com bought US Robotics. The author seems to
imply that the Visor runs a competing OS. And, what
about the numerous references to the device as a Palm-
Pilot? No wonder 3Com wouldn't comment in the story.
3Com's been trying for years to get people to stop
calling them Pilot's because the Pilot Pen company sued
them over it. Oh, well. Maybe I'm just a purist that
can't stand it when the media makes comments about a
product I love without bothering to get all the facts.
By the way, who cares if Capitol Hill is using them?
I'm actually supprised they aren't getting way
overcharged for them. Remember the $500 toilet seat???


James @ 12/29/1999 9:07:58 AM #
Do these people not have secretaries to look after their schedules and contacts. Whatever next?


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