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As seen on Slashdot this morning, there is a review of the OmniSky wireless Palm V/Vx service here. The author gives a good rundown of the service and takes it through the NJ/CT area. I should be receiving a unit soon, hopefully, and we will have an in depth review here.

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Real world Omnisky review.

Joseph Anson @ 1/5/2000 11:50:27 PM #
I have had the Palm V wireless modem on my Palm Vx since December 28. I use it for checking email, using ICQ and for various other PQA's. I do not keep the modem on when I am not using it and it seems to last about 2 whole days of heavy usage (when turned off between uses). I live and work in the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. I have found that there is excellent coverage I get reasonable reception in buildings. A few things I have noticed is that the battery life of my Palm Vx is significantly decreased when I use the modem extensively. I find that after a day of heavy usage the palm will be at 50% while the modem is at 60%-70%. There are a few quirks with the software. I find that the palm needs to be reset often, several times a day with heavy use. I also had to learn memory management, before getting the modem I had lighthack, stayoffhack and tealglance activated. I found that the unit would constantly run out of memory when I tried to download news or use ICQ. Now I only run stayoffhack. I keep the unit in my pocket with the leather cover that came with the Palm Vx to protect the screen. There is a lot of software that comes with the modem. There is a new program manager called Launch Em. The best and most useful is the Mail program. The mail program is packed with features such as filters, ability to handle attachments such as prc/pqa/pdb, addresses, notes, to do lists and calendars. The time the modems takes to connect and register is very quick(about 6 seconds. The unlimited service is great, I receive a lot of email and try out a lot of different pqa programs. There is a pqa at" CLASS=NEWS> that allows you to download and install pqa programs directly from them on to your palm. There is a clip on the modem that attaches to the hole on the back of the palm V/Vx, the plastic part of the clip on the modem seems to take a lot of abuse and wears down. My modem/palm combination is already a little loose. I work with a bunch of tech-heads and it absolutely makes them green with envy. I am still wowed by the coolness of it so small problems now may become more pronounced once the coolness of the unit wears off. For now, I can't think of anything better I would like to be carrying around with me.


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