Palm e-Book-of-the-Month for Jan. 2000

The folks at Qvadis - who also produce the Express Reader Doc viewer - have selected "The Little Prince" (Memoware) by Antoine De Saint-Exupery and "The Parachute Ward" (Editio-Books) by Brian Jeffrey Street, respectively, the Palm e-Book-of-the-Month fiction and nonfiction selections for January 2000. The print version of "The Little Prince" was recently voted (over "The Old Man and the Sea") as The Book of the Century, and the sold-out print version of "The Parachute Ward" is now only available as a Palm e-book. Read more about the selections, get the e-book or print book, or send in your nominations for the next Palm e-Book-of-the-Month via! Could your e-book or nomination be the next Palm e-Book-of-the-Month?

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