TRGPro Gives More Flexibility

User review... TRG has started shipping their Palm Device, the TRGPro. It runs the same OS (3.3) as the other palms with flash upgrade ability with 8mb ram and Palm IIIx features yet sports a Compact Flash slot on the back, unlike the Handspring unit this is a standard CF slot and can utilize the CF cards currently manufactured for many devices of today. Example I can use mine with my Kodak digital CF card store pictures from camera pop into my Lyra MP3 player listen to a song, then put back into my palm to access information or backup/restore to the main unit (All with that little 64mb card), They also support the use of the new IBM MicroDrive 340 + MB drives available. More...

I also use the pretek CF card modem(This modem comes with a PCMCIA adapter that also fits all memory cards along with the modem) enabling you to use the modem and cf cards with your Laptop. There are desktop usb and serial cf readers available that make the cf card look like a removable hard disk.

Check this one out at

Denny Gass was the rep I purchased from.

I highly recommend this device. I believe you should not be locked into a proprietary card base as you are with the handspring unit. And look at all of the uses for the one CF card instead of buying a separate module for all functions. There is even a photo printer or two that support the cf cards.

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Ordered when? @ 1/5/2000 9:38:24 AM #
When did you order and how long did it take to get? Did you order via TRG's (ie, YahooStore) website? Have you tried to play .WAV files on it yet? So what happens when that CF with MP3 files and photo JPEGs is popped into the device? Do you see the filenames at least? mc


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