Cordless GPS for Palm III & V

Palm connected travelers who conduct business in or make frequent visits to unfamiliar territories now have a new tool to help prevent the stress of getting lost. Rand McNally, the leading global provider of geographic and travel information, today announced the launch of two new products, StreetFinderŽ GPS for the Palm III(TM) organizer and StreetFinderŽ GPS for the Palm V(TM) organizer - lightweight, easy-to-use handheld GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and mapping software packages designed for use with Palm III(TM) and Palm V(TM) connected organizers. Read more in this press release.

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Rand Fumbles

Whoops! @ 1/6/2000 10:29:41 AM #
1. The Palm III version is rechargeable and the Palm V version requires AAA batteries? Isn't this seriously backwards? Palm V users are used to recharging their units and Palm III users have stock in battery companies.

2. The desktop companion software is PC-only.

Sorry, Rand--I'll shop elsewhere. Pity--this story really excited me when I first saw it. :-(


Not so new idea...

John Werner @ 1/6/2000 4:48:03 PM #
The press release almost makes you think that this is something new. Its not. DeLorme has been doing this for a few years now with their Tripmate and "new" Earthmate GPS units.

There are also several other packages out there that do similar things.

Uh ... what about the PALM IIIc guys?!?!

I.M. Anonymous @ 12/30/2000 9:25:37 PM #
Not only did they drop the ball on battery design, but it does NOT FIT the Palm IIIc ... only the IIIx ... so w/t/f ... why not put that on the BOX!!!



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