Add a PC Card to a Palm or Sony Model with the Guyver (Updated)

RV Tec has begun offering the Guyver, a clip-on sled that allows a handheld to use wired and wireless PC Cards. There are versions for Palm's m500 series and Sony Clié models. The Guyver is a metal sled that has a single a Type II PC Card slot.

The company gives a long list of PC Card modems that are compatible with the Guyver. This includes ones that use GSM, GPRS, and CDMA wireless networks plus others. It also supports several 802.11 (Wi-Fi) wireless networking cards.

The Guyver can be used with CompactFlash adapters to allow the handheld to also use many types of CF modems. It is not known if it supports memory cards.

The Guyver has its own memory which contains drivers for many PC cards. It has been designed to make it as easy as possible for the user to set up a modem. It also has its own rechargeable battery to give power to the PC Card.

The adapter sled is made up of a central unit to which adapters are attached to make it fit various handheld models.

With the m500 series adapter attached, the Gyver is 5.2 by 3.2 by .5 inches. It weighs 4.2 ounces with its battery.

Pricing for the Guyver is not available.

Update: According to Tommy Fung, Business Development Officer of PDAsia Limited, a partner of RV Tec, the price for the Guyver is depends on the local distributor in different countries. The Sony version won't be available until mid- to late-September and more information on which models will be supported will be released at that time. Companies interested in distributing the Guyver in their home country should contact PDAsia.

Parachute Technologies makes PC Card adapters for the Palm III series and the HandEra 330.

I've written to RV Tec asking about pricing and which Sony models this works with. However, it is after working hours in Hong Kong where the company is based.

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... and how much will it cost?

popko @ 8/30/2002 2:30:48 PM #
Any words on the pricing?

RE: ... and how much will it cost?
popko @ 8/30/2002 2:31:37 PM #
Oops ... just realized that "Pricing for the Guyver is not available."

RE: ... and how much will it cost?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/2002 7:27:24 PM #
Expect US$300
RE: ... and how much will it cost?
Carlis @ 9/2/2002 4:59:49 PM #
Got a mail from them .. Yes it is 300 USD.

The Guyver?

Moosecat @ 8/30/2002 2:30:57 PM #
Is that a reference to MacGyver? If so, I'm hesitant to buy it because I suspect it might be made of Wonder bread, chicken wire, duct tape, and a flip-flop.

On the other hand, it might be useful in fighting crime.

RE: The Guyver?
stareja @ 8/30/2002 2:39:03 PM #
I vote for a reference to the Guyver anime series ;-)

RE: The Guyver?
Moosecat @ 8/30/2002 2:47:49 PM #
Ah yes ... I Googled my way to that possibility after typing in my first post.

But that's pretty weird too ... Naming a peripheral (a pretty unexciting one too) after a cartoon character?

That's almost like naming a line of handhelds after an element on the periodic table, like Tungsten or something ... Wouldn't that be ridiculous?

RE: The Guyver?
stareja @ 8/30/2002 2:59:25 PM #
Well, not if you stretch the symbolism. An additional armored component (sled) that, when added to the main unit, provides extra powers and fuctionality.

OK. Maybe not :-D

RE: The Guyver?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 3:13:05 PM #
Hey, do not confuse Anime (Guyver, Neon Genesis, Akira) with 'cartoons' (Scooby-doo, Hanan-barbara, etc).


McGuyver -> PDAs to fight crime
bookrats @ 8/30/2002 3:51:57 PM #
That's one area Pocket PCs are much better than Palms: Fighting Crime.

They're so big, heavy and cumbersome that they are much more dangerous when hurled at villains.


Jeff Meyer

RE: The Guyver?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 4:20:14 PM #
So if I buy this sled will they confiscate it when I board a plane? "Sorry no weapons".
RE: The Guyver?
useybird @ 8/30/2002 4:47:20 PM #

A few years ago at the Sony handheld Dept.:" That's the most stupid name ever. Who would want to buy something called a 'Clie'? You must be out of your mind!"
RE: The Guyver?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 5:59:19 PM #
Motorola has used a 'anime' name for its pda processors (used by Palm, for example) - the Dragonball...

Eduardo Akira Watanabe

RE: The Guyver?
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/2002 6:18:17 PM #
Don't know about anime, but there was a live-action movie a few years back about a guy who somehow ended up with an organic set of armor that surrounded him whenever he had to fight the dinosaur/demon horde that takes human form and acts like an army of Three Stooges clones. Mark Hammil had a bit role. The armor, and the movie, were named The Guyver. IIRC, there was a sequel.
RE: The Guyver?
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/1/2002 6:53:37 PM #
What are the chances of these M500 series sleds fitting on the next generation of Palm OS 5 devices? Will Palm be keeping the same universal connector and the two attachment points on the back of their new PDAs? It would be nice to know my current peripherals will still be useable(GPS). This would also be a consideration for anyone considering purchasing a Guyver..
RE: The Guyver?
iebnn @ 9/1/2002 7:14:45 PM #
Re: Eduardo Akira Watanabe
I just met Shichiniro Watanabe yesterday.

Re: The Guyver live action
This was based on the anime.

RE: The Guyver?
higgy @ 9/2/2002 7:51:18 AM #
Bugs Bunny can beat any anime or what ever those things are! Anything that can beat Elmer Fudd as my vote.


RE: The Guyver?
stareja @ 9/3/2002 1:48:32 PM #
Hey, I have that movie. Guess I know what I'm doing tonight! :-D

RE: The Guyver?
iebnn @ 9/5/2002 3:51:45 PM #
haha @ Higgy
go watch Akira

Also supports 802.11b PCCards :-)

Palm_Otaku @ 8/30/2002 2:29:52 PM #
Check out the list of supported cards - it's nice to see a variety of WiFi cards on that list.

I wonder if the Guyver will dock in the device cradles allowing the user to charge both it and the PDA at the same time...

Looking forward to an update Ed! :)

RE: Also supports 802.11b PCCards :-)
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 11:44:49 PM #
Oh yes!

it's great that it also supports 802.11bPCCards but is there any more information that this Guyver will supports all the tested cards or just specific cards or a standard across the platform for all 802.11bPCCards?

From what I know there are different type of chipsets that supports different type of wi-fi cards and also different for modem cards like between SIERRA and Nokia D211. Anyone can clarify?

RE: Also supports 802.11b PCCards :-)
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/2/2002 4:00:21 PM #
If it was just them, they would have to create a different unit for every palm device out there. It costs alot of money to manufacture something in bulk. If they started doing that for all devices, it would put them out of business. If they were to do this, it would be for a couple units only ... limited support.

OR they could license the technology to the individual manufacturers of Palm PDAs and THEY could manufacture the units. But as a company where their name is not established in the industry, that would be a BAD idea.

OR they could have the individual PDA manufactureres hand over specs for the cradle and have them pay for the manufacturing (which is most likely) but they would have to have alot of money to may the different manufacturing plants for ALL of the palm units. Which would take alot of money or alot of time if all of them jumped on the bandwagon. If this was the case you MIGHT see units by 2005.

RE: Also supports 802.11b PCCards :-)
I.M. Anonymous @ 9/2/2002 11:22:37 PM #
This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I have both a palm m505 and a nr70v and would love a sled that I can adapt to both. More importantly, I have an ambicom wl1100cf and a linksys wpc11 802.11b cards and would love to use them on my clie. palm suport would be nice but nr70 support is a must. If $300usd buys me wifi on my clie, I would buy it in an instant. If this sled also allow me to access my microdrive on my clie (for use with the audioplayer) to play mp3s, that's icing on the cake.

Their other PalmOS product

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 2:34:02 PM #
Did anyone happen to notice their other oddball PalmOS product?

Looks like a PalmV in a ruggedized case (1.2M concrete droppable), with a laser Barcode scanner, and a GSM phone.

-Craig Bowers

RE: Their other PalmOS product
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 11:34:20 PM #
I noticed it too but if you view it closely it is just a Palm Vx with a barcode scanner bundled together over a rubberised jacket over is like a small version of Symbol barcode scanner, nothing unique.
RE: Their other PalmOS product
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 11:49:17 PM #
I thought that's what I said? And I still think it qualifies as interesting due to the oddball nature.

I also find it interesting, that it was essentially unknown even to Google.

For all the non-newsy stuff that passes through PIC, it seems newsier than some others...

Anyway, it's been mentioned now...

RE: Their other PalmOS product
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/2002 11:21:41 PM #
Plus.. notice that it has GSM capabilities. This thing is a cell phone, bar code scanner, and PalmOS machine. Cool deal! Great find!

Hardware developers listen up

I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 3:05:12 PM #
This is what we need more of; universal hardware. All a user needs to do is buy a new adapter when they buy a new handheld. Keep up the good work.
RE: Hardware developers listen up
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 3:39:29 PM #
No, No, NOOOO! We need LESS of this stuff! What I want is as many connectors as possible. And I want every company to change their connector with each new generation of models. Because I WANT to drop money on new peripherals every time I buy a new handheld. I don't want to simply change connectors--that's too cheap and too easy.

For those of you who are too stupid to realize it, yes, that was, indeed, sarcasm.

RE: Hardware developers listen up
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 5:18:38 PM #
I would rather see all manufacturer standardize on the same connector for all their products (something like USB, PCI). Then I don't even need to buy an adaptor when I change PDA.

Of course this is only wishful thinking. Keep dreaming...

RE: Hardware developers listen up
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 8:05:29 PM #
Didn't we bash PPC troll who peddle the greatness of CF/PC/SD interchangability and tell them Palm is superior because it support diversity? (SD/Memstick/Springboard?)
RE: Hardware developers listen up
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 9:05:01 PM #
Absolutely... I want new connectors so I can snub people by saying... "No, you can't use my Super XK8 keyboard because you have da olllllllld connector"
RE: Hardware developers listen up
cyruski @ 8/31/2002 12:33:17 PM #
palm's universal connector is fine in terms of stability and diversity in connection capabilities (USB and serial on the same adapter). it would be great if palm allowed everybody to use that.


I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 2:59:55 PM #
wouldn't it be nice if the clie model used the ms slot and not the serial connection. then we could use the stowaway keyboard and the sled (presuming it doesn't extend to far and block the support the keyboard provides) at the same time. closer to the goal of a portable terminal in my back pocket.

what we need is a pda with:
a form factor wider than high
480x320 screen with virtual graffiti area
two app buttons and a jog roller on both sides
an assortment of memory device plugins along the top
a univeral connector for a keyboard
a seperate power plug-in

make the graffiti area a vertical deal with left or right a preference. i think this would be a nice setup for a game machine, it would be friendly for left handed folks, you could read more left to right
and i bet the overall form factor wouldn't be too far off what we have today.

there's my dreamland.

RE: wibni...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 3:32:01 PM #
That sounds like the newton, mate :)
RE: wibni...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 3:35:49 PM #
No, it sounds like a gigantic brick that sucks battery power the way the Tampa Bay Devil Rays just plain suck.

It also sounds a little like the supposed Microsoft Tablet PC is designed to be. Hmmm...the word "suck" comes to mind again.

Honestly, I seriously doubt your claims that the form factor would be similar to what's available today.

RE: wibni...
kezza @ 8/30/2002 4:23:21 PM #
Nope, he's pretty much got the newton MP2000/2100 down. apple made a keyboard specifically for that line, the 320x480 screen could be viewed in either portrait or landscape configurations, and the dual PC card slots allowed for memory and peripheral devices, such as a modem or ethernet card, to be installed simultaneously. oh, and i almost forgot to mention the 160 mhz strongARM RISC processor.
oh yeah, and the newton interconnect serial port.
not to mention IR.
and a direct power line-in. and a microphone. and speaker. oh yeah, and a headphone jack.

did i miss anything?

oh, right. handwriting recognition, not to mention the ability to use grafitti recognition through 3rd party software.

i'm getting sick of people complaining about every new peripheral, saying it's won't create their "ideal" pda setup. especially if that setup was invented, marketed, and canned over 4 years ago!

besides, this is a good-looking sled. looks better than the parachute ones for the III form factor. if the price is right on this one, it looks like i may have a second use for some of the PC cards i have for my newton.

"Well, if it isn't the leader of the wiener patrol, boning up on his nerd lessons"

RE: wibni...
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/30/2002 4:29:54 PM #
"wouldn't it be nice if the clie model used the ms slot and not the serial connection"

No. And whenever people do release expansion card peripherals the complaint is always the opposite--expansion memory will be unavailable. Until dual expansion bays becomes more common, this is a great workaround.

...You could try that crappy IR keyboard, if it means that much to you.

And the wishlist makes me roll my eyes, too. Everyboldy has one, nobody manufactures it. It's time we faced up to that fact.

RE: wibni...
useybird @ 8/30/2002 4:51:53 PM #
"two app buttons and a jog roller on both sides"

Two app buttons,hmmmmm? Sounds like the Zire to me.

A few years ago at the Sony handheld Dept.:" That's the most stupid name ever. Who would want to buy something called a 'Clie'? You must be out of your mind!"

The Newton 2100
I.M. Anonymous @ 8/31/2002 12:52:54 AM #
Can we say NEWTON

Dude, everything you just mentioned was a Newtwon Message Pade 2100 (EXCEPT the jog dial but I don't think anybody or anything had one then) ... I miss my Newton. If my MP had just been a little smaller...

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