Qvadis, Editio-Books Announce Partnership

Qvadis Corporation and Editio Online Publishing today announced a joint marketing and distribution partnership. Under the agreement, Editio becomes Qvadis' premier partner for original fiction and nonfiction e-book publishing.

Qvadis' new e-bookstore, launched today, will feature Editio's line of electronic books - some of which have been national bestsellers in their original print form. Under the FrontList imprint, Qvadis users will be able to access descriptions of Editio's titles, purchase them, or link to the Editio-Books.com site for excerpts and author biographies.

At the same time, Editio will be exclusively featuring on its site Express Reader Pro, Qvadis' award-winning e-book reader software for the PC/Palm platform. While still available for other reader software, Editio's titles will be optimized for the Express Reader Pro system, which includes both a palmtop version, Express Reader GT, and a desktop PC version, Express Reader DX.

FrontList is the newest offering in the Qvadis' Ex Libris online service, which provides original and partner-based e-document content for Express Reader users. In addition, the Website offers Palm and Net device news, an e-text library, an archive of Internet e-book collections, and the popular e-Book-of-the-Month feature. Qvadis' Express Reader software is the first integrated PC/Palm e-book application, and has quickly gained in popularity and critical acclaim since its release for its simple and intuitive, yet powerful, design.

Express Reader, FrontList, and other e-book offerings can be found at www.qvadis.com and evaluation copies of Express Reader can be downloaded from www.editio-books.com.

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