Wired on the Apple PDA rumors

UPDATE: The Register has yet another article on the Apple Palm this one details that the new Mac OS X will have built in support for a Palm device. Any Palm device connected to a Mac will display the contents of its memory as a Mac OS disk. There's also a blurb at MacOSRumors.

Wired has a good news piece with new information on the much talked about Apple/Palm PDA. Sources close to Apple say that the prototype is a hybrid of the Palm V and the Handspring Visor, with the Palm V's form factor, a color screen, and an expansion slot. It also will be compatible with Apple's Airport wireless networking hub, and will integrate seamlessly with the Mac OS. But don't get your hopes up to soon, Wired mentions that the device may not be announced until mid-year. This unit sounds like a real winner to me what are your opinions on this?

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if only it was a digital camera too

sjbjava @ 1/12/2000 10:48:03 AM #
My wishlist for the perfect PDA includes:
- Color
- Standardize OS support for compressed images
- External Flash like TRG Pro
- IR w/ normal and seperate, ramped up, remote control mode
- Good speaker and headphone jack
- MP3 download/playback
- Palm V battery
and just cause its a wish list the thing should
be a digital camera too
RE: if only it was a digital camera too
reidjazz @ 1/12/2000 11:17:19 AM #
The only thing I would add would be a microphone for digital recording, etc. All of this would add up to one killin' PDA!!
RE: if only it was a digital camera too
jonpod @ 1/12/2000 3:26:31 PM #
On your list, replace Flash with MemoryStick and...

You have Sony's PDA in Mid-2000 ;)

RE: if only it was a digital camera too
sjbjava @ 1/13/2000 12:48:49 AM #
and here I thought I was being too conservative by not including built in wireless

Apple PDA

rickmar @ 1/16/2000 1:48:37 AM #
As a Mac AND PC user, I applaud the idea of a Mac-based PDA. I also expect PDA/small pc and cel phone technology to quickly merge and produce a singular,comprehensive tool or multi-functional device.

This should make future yard sales interesting as each new gadget makes the previous one obselescent.



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