New Enterprise DB Application Development Tool

BulletProof Corporation today released a beta version of JDesignerPro 4.0 with groundbreaking support for building wireless enterprise applications for Palm OS devices. JDesignerPro 4.0 is the first widely available RAD tool that allows virtually anyone to create wireless handheld enterprise applications with little or no programming experience. A free trial of JDesignerPro 4.0, can be downloaded from Multimedia training tools are also available at no charge from the same site. More...

Thanks to the efforts of the development team at BulletProof, JDesignerPro now provides the ability to allow Palm OS devices with wireless support to be used for much more than just email or web browsing. JDesignerPro 4.0 is perfect for building mobile applications for industries including but not limited to the following: Sales Force Automation, Warehousing, Quoting and Point of Sale.

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