The future of high speed wireless

Qualcomm and Hitachi will jointly develop and commercialize a high data rate mobile-phone system. Read the article here. The system will be compatible with existing cdmaOne networks and has a maximum throughput of 2.4 megabits per second. Also in related news, General Motors is in talks with Bell Atlantic to put cell phones in millions of new cars and trucks. The article states that, All major automakers are scrambling to make sure drivers are as connected to global communications grids in their cars as they are in their homes and offices. You have to bet there will be some sort of hook-up, USB, IR or maybe even Bluetooth, so you could connect your laptop or Palm device into your wireless car modem.

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High speed wireless

AlanB @ 1/13/2000 3:52:02 PM #
Qualcomm's system is proprietary and will probably only be used by a handfull of networks around the world. The open standard UMTS proposed by ETSI is much more likely to succeed. It is being developed by virtually all the major wireless manufacturers and will be used by many many more networks. UMTS will allow up to 2Mb/s. See" CLASS=NEWS> for a description

Great.... :-(

Bruce Clarke @ 1/14/2000 4:40:26 PM #
As if there aren't there enough bad car drivers on the road, now manufacturers are going to make it even easier for a driver's attention to be diverted from the road.


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