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On Monday at Demo 2000, Kodak announced the PalmPix digital camera for Palm III and Palm VII products. It will be available for $179 from retailers and on the Web in April according to this PCWorld article. The 1.5-ounce PalmPix camera features a fixed focus lens, 2X digital zoom, and a self-timer. Pictures can be viewed on the Palm's LCD screen as grayscale images until they're transferred via a HotSync to a 640 x 480 color bitmap. Update: Kodak's website has pictures and details about the device here.

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George Gray @ 2/7/2000 8:20:24 PM #
Why would I want this? Maybe, if were $50 or $60, I MIGHT buy it, but not at $149. It seems to be a product without a market. Of course, if were about $90 cheaper, I might consider it and a Palm device (with that nifty folding keyboard) versus a laptop, digital camera and other add ons...maybe it does have market...


Donald @ 2/7/2000 9:00:44 PM #
Its interesting that it isn't a Visor model. It could be that the new color palms will have the form factor of the Palm III or the Palm VII and that this is the market that Kodak is going for. They must know something we don't.

Way Cool

Ed @ 2/8/2000 12:47:24 PM #
I think this is a great little camera at an OK price. I can easily see myself buying one, especially after I have a color Palm. I think it would be really cool to always have a digital camera with me. For example, why bother to take notes at a meeting when I can just take a picture of the whiteboard? Hopefully, the price will drop a bit after a few months.

No V?

kb0tnv @ 2/10/2000 12:07:12 PM #
Why no camera for the palm V?




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