Quickies: PowerRun, CW, Software and More

PowerRun 1.2 has been released. The new version works with Palm OS 5, adds a new beaming and sending feature and allows NetFront to work off of a memory card.

Clie NX system patch
Sony has released a system update patch for the Clie NX series. The patch fixes some bugs formatting memory sticks, the communications slot and mp3 audio playback.

CodeWarrior Update
Ben Combee and the CodeWarrior team have just posted the v9.1 update to CodeWarrior Development Studio for Palm OS. You must have version 9.0 installed on your system to apply this update. This update addresses problems with PilRC Designer and the Palm OS API help files.

SnapperMail 1.5b
SnapperMail is now up to version 1.5.0b. This version is includes many bugfixes and optimizations including a BIG rewrite of SnapperMail's communication layer to improve speed and reliability. They have also thrown in a few new features such as Hi Res support on OS5 devices and better email lookup when composing messages.

KeyContacts 1.3
Chapura has announced the release of KeyContacts? 1.3, which offers extended contact management. An alternative to the Palm Address Book, KeyContacts lets customers synchronize more of their detailed Microsoft Outlook Contacts information with their handhelds. This includes 40 additional Contacts fields, over 250 categories, multiple categories per contact, and an unlimited number of subfolders and public folders. Users can take advantage of more convenient, one-handed look-up and navigation on five-way navigator devices, enhanced viewing capabilities, and Bluetooth readiness.

Increase your Palm OS 5 clipboard size
Clip PRO is an OS 5 extension that remedies two problems with the standard Palm OS clipboard. It increases the amount of text you can copy from 1KB up to 64KB, and allows you to keep up to 5 clipboards active at any one time.

Babel Technologies S.A. and Texas Instruments have made PocketBabil - a Text to Speech technology - commercially available for Texas Instrument's widely used OMAP wireless processing platform. Mobile devices that feature the platform with PocketBabil embedded, such as 2.5G and 3G handsets and PDAs, will enable mobile users to listen to text messages (SMS), receive spoken feedback, and listen to e-mail and voice prompts.

oGame Software is pleased to announce a new release of thier software title Mozart. Mozart is a game for musicians and music students designed to help with the process of learning how to read music notation. The new version features updated graphics and is palm os 5 ready.

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How about a Review of Snappermail 1.5!!

gfunkmagic @ 1/30/2003 12:42:04 PM #

It would be awesome if you or someone else could write a review for it? Anyone wanna volunteer?

RE: How about a Review of Snappermail 1.5!!
Altema @ 1/30/2003 2:08:49 PM #
A review is tempting, especially since it works so well. Does PIC accept reviews on beta software?


blue9 @ 1/30/2003 2:01:44 PM #
But when will the snappermail team release a conduit version? I've been anxiously awaiting for one ever since I tried the demo last year in November. Please please release the conduit!! =)


Navamske @ 1/30/2003 2:59:46 PM #
The copy of PowerRun that I downloaded and installed on my Tungsten T was "expired" as soon as I launched it for the first time. I wrote to the author, who said I must have previously had PowerRun installed and used up its evaluation period. I hadn't and I told him so. "Sorry, can't help ya." Lovely.

"The only absolute knowledge attainable my man is that life is meaningless." --Tolstoy
RE: PowerRun
jbf @ 1/30/2003 3:53:14 PM #
Try my MemHack for OS5 on PalmGear... if you're trying to use PowerRun with readonly databases this is actually better (faster and less load on your flash card).

RE: PowerRun
Norm @ 1/31/2003 12:48:58 PM #
So how do I upgrade my registered version of 1.1? The Palmgear link only allows you to buy it, not download a trial.

RE: PowerRun
palmit @ 1/31/2003 3:27:55 PM #
Select the zip icon on Palmgear.
RE: PowerRun
mashoutposse @ 2/3/2003 7:39:32 PM #
PowerRun is excellent -- I have practically every single one of my apps on the MS now, all running perfectly! The only programs that I don't have running on the MS through PowerRun are Graffiti tutorial (doesn't work), CLIE Mail (a couple of issues here and there), and ZLauncher ( my decision -- didn't feel there was a need to). Here are all of the programs that I have running successfully off the card (even databases!):

Agendus 6
Bebop game
Bible Reader
Car Master
Chain Reaction
Data Viewer
Lemonade Tycoon
Ultrasoft Money
My Diary
Netfront Web Browser
TinySheet 4
Tungsten T fonts
Zap! 2016

With all of this, I have 9MB of 11MB free (and I could have had 10MB, but I chose to run Zlauncher in RAM for convenience). This utility has really transformed my CLIE!!!

RE: PowerRun
ERdoctorAZ @ 5/29/2003 4:18:25 PM #
Well my question is this...
What would be better:
Powerrun Vs. MemHack, Vs. MsMount? For OS 5.0 ??
Any sugestions?????

My Palm Zire does not seem to work with PiDirectII. Does anyone know what kind of software or what modifications do I need?
Thank You.

606kB for the NX update

ray00pal @ 1/31/2003 6:01:44 PM #

Can anyone please do a performance comparison between the updated and non-updated version? I don't know if it worth 606kB of space to fix sometihing I don't see an issue about.
At least, can someone told me if it is easy to uninstall the update?
Thanks a lot


RE: 606kB for the NX update
Davy Fields @ 1/31/2003 6:22:56 PM #
You know, it's an update, it goes in the flash memory.... I'd put a bet that it doesn't decrease your available memory at all... after all the NX has 10 (?) or so megs of Flash, it goes in there, some of it erases old stuff, you know. I did it, seems exactly the same, but maybe something wonderful is happening and I don't know it!

-Davy Fields
RE: 606kB for the NX update
aardvarko @ 2/2/2003 12:53:04 AM #
Unfortunately, at least part of it DOESN'T go into Flash ROM; I'm now blessed with an in-RAM version of the Avx MP3Decoder, a 170KB library. Oh joy.

webmaster at aardvarko dot com

Zire 71 Vs Powerrun vs. PidirectII

ERdoctorAZ @ 5/28/2003 6:36:23 PM #
I have not been able to make PiDirect work on my Zire 71. Has anyone used Powerrum or MemHack on Zire 71?
I need ifo before buying it.

My Palm Zire does not seem to work with PiDirectII. Does anyone know what kind of software or what modifications do I need?
Thank You.


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