HandMark will Publish Palm EDU Software

Palm Inc and Handmark today announced that Handmark will publish and distribute the next generation of Palm Solution Group's award-winning Palm Mobile Mentor(TM) software, a collection of organization, productivity, learning and teaching applications for educators and students.

The companies made the announcement on the opening day of the Florida Educational Technology Conference that runs through Thursday here at the Orange County Convention Center. Available now, the Mobile Mentor 2003-04 Educator Edition and Road Scholar 2003-04 Student Edition CDs each include more than $249 of commercial software for only $39.99 each through Handmark and traditional and web-based retail outlets.

"We combined a convenient, affordable and powerful set of tools to help educators and students work, learn and play. As one of the leading publishers of education software, Handmark plans to expand the offering and distribute it widely to educators and students", said Mike Lorion, vice president of Palm's education group.

Educators purchasing a Mobile Mentor 2003-04 Educator Edition get free instructor account access to fourostudent.net. The CDs also are available to schools through Palm's Education Purchase Program. More information is available at palm.com/education. Each CD features more than 30 applications, including Imagimacth, MobileDB, 4.0Student and PalmReader.

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Lucky Bob @ 2/4/2003 2:54:53 PM #

DueYesterday is much better, and it's FREE.

(Why do some people say you can kill two birds with one stone when it's hard enough killing one bird with two stones?)

RE: .....
I.M Anonymous @ 2/4/2003 7:23:28 PM #
I personally prefer Astraware's Timetable app for keeping class schedules. It's one of the few programs on my palm that I've actually registered.

RE: .....
Lo_Pro @ 2/4/2003 10:50:11 PM #
I second the Due Yesterday program. I tried 4.0 Student AND Due Yesterday, and Due Yesterday won easily, especially with the free desktop program.


RE: .....
Stockholm not Oslo @ 3/18/2003 7:13:36 PM #
Ive been using 4.0 Student for two years now...its great.. but when is 5.0 Student comming for OS 5 devices?

If a tree falls in the woods, and lands on a mime, does anyone care?
RE: .....
Cratos @ 10/16/2003 12:50:22 PM #


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