Editio-Books now at MemoWare's PDA Bookstore

Ottawa, ON, -- Visitors to the popular MemoWare website will now be able to access and purchase titles published by Editio-Books, the two companies announced today. Through this arrangement, MemoWare customers will be presented with featured selections from Editio's list of contemporary fiction and nonfiction titles, which are available for instant download to any PalmOS(tm) device. awards.

Editio titles from which MemoWare visitors can choose include Ale and Beer: A Curious History by Alan D Butcher; The Formal Logic of Emotion, a collection of short stories by Michael Mirolla; and short stories from such award-winning authors as Alan Cumyn and Susan Zettell. Prices range from $1.85 for short stories and essays, to $4.95 for full-length books. Bundled special offers and freeware excerpts are also available.

"We are very excited to join MemoWare's PDA Bookstore," said Mark Frutkin, co-founder of Editio-Books. "This is an extraordinary opportunity to introduce our authors to a wider audience."

"We're delighted to add Editio-Books to our venue for prominent e-publishers," said Craig Froehle, president of MemoWare. "The arrangement supports our mutual goal of expanding the availability of quality electronic literature for PalmOS devices," he added.

MemoWare is a unique collection of thousands of documents (databases, literature, maps, technical references, lists, etc) specially formatted to be easily added to PalmOS devices. The site also features links to Palm-related Frequently Asked Questions, Help files, and other useful resources.

Other e-publishers listed in MemoWare's PDA Bookstore include Peanut Press and Electron Press. MemoWare's website is at http://www.memoware.com.

Founded in 1998 by authors Mark Frutkin and Brian Jeffrey Street, Ottawa-based Editio-Books (http://www.editio-books.com) is a leading publisher of "digital books and stories for the digital age." Many of its fiction and nonfiction titles were national bestsellers in their original print form, and its growing list includes writers who have received or been nominated for prestigious literary awards.


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