PalmGuru launches online Palm ads

Reno, NV (February 17, 2000) - The PalmGuru.Com(tm), the leader in providing online reviews for Palm Computing(r) hardware, software and accessories announced today the launching of a new area for palm users called PalmAds. PalmAds is an area at the where new and used Palm Computing(r) organizers and accessories can be sold and bought.

"The PalmAds area of the was launched because organizers and accessories have a short 'cool-factor' span, and not everyone has the available cash-flow to just go out and purchase the newest craze." McCarthy said. "The PalmAds area allows the savvy Palm Computing(r) user to shed their old and be in with the new, without having to retire their old accessories and organizers to a dusty shelf or darkened closet, and keep their wallet a bit more green."

The new PalmAds area is located at the at Palm users can browse the current PalmAd listings, or post their own ad for $15 per month. The forsale categories are currently being limited to only organizers and accessories. McCarthy said, "Software will not be sold, because of copyright issues".

The PalmGuru.Com web site began as a hobby in 1998, and cascaded into a carefully-niche web resource focusing on providing consumer-experienced reviews of Palm Computing software, hardware, and accessories. Today, the PalmGuru.Com receives over 22,022 hits per month (statistics as of 12/31/99), has seven staff writers, and partnerships with leading online resource providers such as PalmGear H.Q. and Smaller.Com, and is an emerging into another company for the Palm Computing(r) community.

The PalmGuru.Com is the Internet's most trusted resource for reviews on Palm Computing software, hardware, and accessories(sm). You can read over 100 reviews at, or join the official PalmGuru.Com Palm-Talk(sm) mailing list for review announcements and site news.

The PalmGuru is a trademark of Jim McCarthy.

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