Handspring: Jeff Hawkins PDA v2

There's an article on Time's site from someone who has seen a demo of The PDA to be released by Handspring. In summary: don't buy another PDA until you see this. There's another article at pimpoint on what to expect. You have to wonder if Jeff is carrying around a wooden block of this baby.

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MyPilot @ 8/27/1999 9:43:42 AM #
This story is ridiculous. It contains a link to a Time story,
that does not have any new or additional information about
the HandSpring device. If Handspring does not want to release
information about this device, then these stories should not be published.

RE: Editorial
Jamester @ 8/27/1999 10:04:32 AM #
Rediculous as it may be, I for one think that if Handspring lives up to even *half* of the hype that's been generated for their product, then we'll have a winner on our hands. I'm aware that only time will tell, but it's nice to dream in the meantime, and think of what might be.


@tomic212 @ 8/27/1999 11:35:38 AM #
Handspring is awfully secretive about their new product. In fact not much at all is known about it. I consider a story like this to be somewhat juicy for a handspring article.


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