Color Translucent Cases for Palm III models

Tired of the Drab Factory Gray of Your Palm Pilot?
Galen Design Worldwide introduces "Color Translucent Replacement Cases" for Palm Pilot III, IIIx & IIIe Connected Organizers. Similar to the iMac computer shells, they're available in six colors: Blueberry, Tangerine, Aqua-Blue, Grape, Lime and Clear. Everything is included in the kit to completely transform, upgrade and personalize your Palm III. Matching color flip lids are also available. Interested parties should contact ( for more information.

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Color Replacement Cases

Kathy @ 2/22/2000 5:04:08 PM #
What a great idea. I've been looking for something just like this. Finally, a way to change out the ugly gray factory shell. The Tangerine color will be a great match to my iMac!

Color Cases for Palm III

Nick A. @ 2/22/2000 5:24:27 PM #
Glad I came across this... I was planning on purchasing a Palm IIIe special edition just so I can have the unique clear see-through case. Now I can get the limited edition "look" but at a fraction of the cost.

PS: The people at Galen Design are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks Galen!

RE: Color Cases for Palm III
Galen Yuen @ 2/22/2000 7:45:56 PM #
Nick, thanks for the positive feedback! Our company searches the planet to bring you the most innovative products and services. We have gotten such overwhelming responses on this new product. We believe these color replacement cases add value to your existing Palm III and eliminate your need to run out and purchase a new unit every six months (as the manufacturer would want you to do).

Your Blueberry, Grape and Clear replacement cases have shipped, you should expect them in 2 days.

These color cases are great!

Wendy Hsu @ 2/23/2000 3:08:50 AM #
The first time I saw something like this was on eBay. Someone was selling a clear case for $80.00! I'm glad to inform everyone that I was able to get a kit from Galen Design Worldwide for only $29.95 (no tax and they even paid for the shipping)! I love the look and styling of my iMac and iBook. Now I have the perfect compliment...a see through PDA!

RE: These color cases are great!
Galen Yuen @ 2/23/2000 1:09:53 PM #
We're finding that most of our customers are people who own iMacs as it is a perfect match to their system. The other group of buyers are professionals who work in an environment where there are a lot of Palm Pilots being used and the likelihood of mixed up units are high. So if you're tired of other people picking up your unit by mistake, then a new color shell is just the answer!
RE: These color cases are great!
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/21/2001 7:07:50 PM #
Has anyone had any recent experience with Galen and Palm products? I noticed most posts are from last year.



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