Quartz: The Palm-killing PDA?

This article really caught my attention, it's about a new PDA/Cellphone combo from the Symbian consortium. The device is expected in Europe by Christmas and packs telephony, streaming multimedia, Web browsing and Palm-like computing into one slick unit. Watch out Palm!

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who needs it?

jon maddox @ 2/25/2000 9:14:41 PM #
I'm the proud owner of a palm Vx and while I love my case and hate the III case, I see no need for colors. I see the palm as atool for professionals, and wouldn't see myself pulling out my blueberry palm during an important meeting
RE: who needs it?
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/25/2000 11:02:35 PM #
Ya might want to make sure you're responding to the right story there, fella.
RE: who needs it?
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/26/2000 4:25:52 AM #
Mr. Maddox may probably wouldn't carry a "beige" Palm Pilot, but at one time it was the color of choice for "professionals." I am glad options and accessories are available, since Palm users are from all walks of life, there are many who can appreicate the ability to make their Palm unique and personal.

I happen to own a blueberry pilot and I use it often in "important" corporate meetings.

Ridiculous definition of "professional"
Dave Newell @ 2/26/2000 9:31:26 AM #
Since when is a lack of chroma a sign of being "unprofessional"? Maybe it's a sign of "hey I'm an individual and not a corporate drone". Get back to your cube and tighten up that tie.
RE: who needs it?
I.M. Anonymous @ 2/26/2000 2:33:51 PM #
Let's not beat up on Mr. Maddox (as he may be from the old school of corporate thought). He is certainly entitiled to his opinions. On the other hand, I see Palm users as a diverse group of people who have broken "out of the box." We Palm users are as unique as the fingerprint we have, so everyone should run out and stylize their Palm the way that best suits them. Go color! Go stainless! Go factory gray...it that's what toots your horn!

By the way, I personally love my converted clear model!

Palm in trouble?

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/26/2000 1:20:42 AM #
That's not funny. Nothing will ever happen to Palm. Don't say things like that! I don't like you.


FiredawginHungary @ 2/27/2000 4:59:12 AM #
I would jump immediately to a PDA decribed in the article, if it actually worked. I love my Palm IIIx and have had it for almost a year, but I would like to have the i-net/cell phone/PDA capabilities listed.


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