Ethernet/Internet access Palm cradle

Mission Creek Systems today introduced SmartCradle™, an intelligent peripheral for the Palm Computing® platform, bringing direct ethernet connectivity to the family of Palm connected organizers. SmartCradle™ provides a standard 10-BaseT interface for any of the network capable Palm connected organizers (i.e. the Palm Professional and later devices or any device with either the 1 MB or 2 MB upgrade cards). By simply connecting a standard HotSync™ cradle to the SmartCradle™, the Palm connected organizer user is immediately rewarded with a new world of Internet connection possibilities.

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ethenet connection

I.M. Anonymous @ 2/29/2000 5:27:21 PM #
RE: ethenet connection
Philo @ 2/29/2000 5:29:57 PM #
I second that.

what for?

nammer @ 3/1/2000 2:08:03 PM #
what good is having a fast cxn on a palm if you're still connected via wires? why not just use your desktop? Do these benefits really have any justification?
RE: what for?
Rob @ 3/1/2000 2:51:49 PM #
It's actually what I've been looking (hopefully!) for to sync my Hotmail account direct without having to go thru outlook express... We'll see what happens... Or if you guys know any other way, please let me know! Thanks!




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