Digital Voice Recorder for Palm V

Galen Worldwide is pleased to announce: Digital Voice Recorder for Palm V. Here are some additional details on the product: 16 minutes of recording time (twice that of the current Vox for Palm III). An LCD readout displays data on recorded segment and the product will sell for around US$69.00. Additional information to follow... It will be available in the US market in about a month. Inquires or reservations should be directed to: Please give us your feedback on this idea, as we would like to have the final product designed with the Palm V owner in mind.

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Digital Voice Recorder for Palm V

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2000 3:38:02 AM #
What a great idea! How do I go about getting one of these? This is exactly what I've been looking for!

Get a real website. Terrible info on product

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/1/2000 10:33:31 AM # builds way too slow and there is now info on the product when it does build. I would feel less than confident order this product if the website indicates there dedication to good product?
Review! Digital Voice Recorder for Palm V-I've got mine!
Can't B. Trusted @ 3/1/2000 10:52:49 PM #
Wow! What a cool product. I ordered mine right from the Web site- Very Cool!
About an hour my order was completed, a little green man rang my doorbell delivering my Digital Voice Recorder for Palm V!
So, here's my review:
Made of an advanced Copolymer titanium, It actually weighs only 1.5 Oz.
Solar powered for long lasting uh, er' cells.
Oh yeah, and it records for up to 16 hours-in stereo. With midi outputs!
And you ladies (and some dudes I guess) will be impressed with it's built-in "Flip-up-campact-mirror" that doubles as a 640x480 pixles TFT TV Screen so you won't ever miss a soap episode.
Those are some of the basic features, I'll write again soon as I learn some of the more advanced stuff.

Can't B. Trusted
VaporWare Reviews Inc.

Please be fair with your postings

Galen Worldwide @ 3/2/2000 2:51:26 PM #
This product will be available in April, 2000. Since there are "competing" companies developing a similar product, we must be somewhat guarded with any pre-release information. We believe Palm V users will be very pleased with the digital recorder we are about to introduce. In the meantime, interested parties can e-mail us at to stay tuned in.

In all fairness, people posting on this forum should refrain from negative comments unless they are willing to use their "real" name. Thank you!



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