Quickies: Top 10, McD's, Bejeweled and More

PalmGear has announced the top 10 downloads for the month of July, McDonalds has a new promotion to win a Tungsten C, Bejeweled has been updated with a new soundtrack, Garmin has released their Palm OS SDK and much more in today's quickies.

PalmGear's Top 10 for July
PalmGear has announced that AeroPlayer ranked as the #1 download for the month of July. The mp3 audio program has been in the top 10 since its debut in October. The rest of the top downloads include: FlyZip XR, ZLauncher, Lemmings, DataKeeper, SilverScreen, MedRules, DateBook on Clock, Medieval Heroes and 3D Blockout.

Win a Tungsten C @ McDonalds
Each month, for the next five months, Wi-Fi users will have the chance to win an IBM Think-Pad R40 notebook or a Palm Tungsten C handheld, by using McDonald's wireless high-speed Internet access at participating restaurants. Details of the competition are on the McDonalds Wireless site. McD's is currently testing the WiFi service in New York, SF Bay Area and Chicago.

Dana Software has announced Danamail, a new application that simplifies email messaging by allowing users to consolidate all their email addresses into a Single User Interface. Users can access, reply and manage all email accounts simultaneously across any Internet enabled device. The application is transparent to recipients because Danamail replies as if it i’s from the corresponding email account. Danamail was created to meet the needs of today’s on-the-go email user.

Bejeweled - Game of the Year Edition
Astraware has released Bejeweled “Game of the Year Edition,” which premieres the company’s new Aurora sound technology. Aurora adds the single missing ingredient to Bejeweled’s formula for success—a musical score to accompany the game’s enhanced sound effects.The initial release of Bejeweled “Game of the Year Edition” is designed for all Palm-branded OS 5.x devices, including Zire 71, Tungsten T and Tungsten C models.

J2ME for the Xplore G18
Kada Systems announced that Group Sense PDA Limited has selected Kada to implement their "Java Powered" J2ME solution for use in the newly-announced GSL Xplore G18 smertphone. -Gaurav

PalmWars 2
PalmWars 2 is now out. From the description, PalmWars is a Real-time Strategy game for PalmOS. There is a war going on between three clans. The object of this game is to win this war. You need to build a village with farms, training-castles, defense-walls weapon-factories and a harbor. Defend it properly from the enemy, make your soldiers harvest food and store it in the farms. Build ships from shipyards when necessary. Build cannons from weapon-factories. Reign over the land.

Garmin Releases iQue 3600 SDK
Garmin's SDK for the iQue 3600 is now available, you must register as a developer in order to download the SDK. It includes a modified version of the Palm 5.2 Simulator (you put Garmin's files over the Palm Sim files), the header files, SDK Programmer's Reference and sample apps for both accessing the GPS info via the API as well as manipulating the virtual silkscreen area (up or down). They also provide support through the SDK for getting button events from the iQue-specific buttons. -Mark Hawkins

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I love Quickies

Palm Cow @ 8/15/2003 3:00:03 PM #
First Comment!

I remember when Quickies faded away. But they are very informative! Thanks for bringing them back!

Kevin | Iospeff
Current PDA: SJ20

RE: I love Quickies
VisorMiser @ 8/15/2003 5:08:15 PM #
Definitely keep up the quickies. Barest of facts are fine, and link to the rest.

the VisorMiser
The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter. -- Sir Winston Churchill

Palm wars is such a let down!

a3 @ 8/15/2003 3:19:06 PM #
I mean, I know they have a lot inside the strategy and stuff but, men those graphics are terrible! I just wish something like KKND2 comes to PalmOS...

Already a Tapwave's Helix fan.
RE: Palm wars is such a let down!
Altema @ 8/15/2003 3:52:26 PM #
The graphics remind me of Captain Magneto for the Apple ///, which used font-based graphics for the characters.

RE: Palm wars is such a let down!
helf @ 8/15/2003 4:31:16 PM #
jeez.. graphics are not everything.. I'd rather have a game that plays well and is small than a huge hunker that has gorgeous grfx but crap gameplay.. some of my favorite games are 100% ascii..like nethack and zork.

RE: Palm wars is such a let down!
Morph @ 8/15/2003 4:51:12 PM #
I agree, simple games can be fun too. I'm a big fan of DopeWars. I can sit and play that game for hours.

Then again small shiney objects distract me too.


For what shall it profit a man if he were to gain the whole world, but lose his own soul.

RE: Palm wars is such a let down!
ray00pal @ 8/15/2003 6:41:49 PM #
It is a shame for a game to have such terrible graphics. Any monkey can write a fun game with terrible graphics.

RE: Palm wars is such a let down!
aardvarko @ 8/15/2003 9:22:22 PM #
Write me one, monkey!
RE: Palm wars is such a let down!
frankaalbers @ 8/16/2003 5:42:19 AM #
thanks for the comments on my game.
I wish to remind you that this is a one-man-made game. That means I made all by myself on a Palm IIIc.

If you can make better graphics and you want to help me, I can send you a drawing-program that converts your graphics to computer code.

Please reply to fraalbers@hotmail.com



RE: Palm wars is such a let down!
Altema @ 8/16/2003 1:01:11 PM #
"jeez.. graphics are not everything.. I'd rather have a game that plays well and is small than a huge hunker..."

My post should have been clearer, I was not entirely chiming in with the first poster (and I know you're not responding just to my post), even though we have seen some pretty spectacular graphics recently. Captain Magneto was a first in that it broke barriers that formerly constrained developers. What I was referring to in the comparison was that the graphics and screen layout appeared to be similar... despite the /// having higer resolution than a 160x160 Palm. I'd post a screen shot, but it would take me a whole day to get the old girl put back to gether and running .

Like mentioned in this thread, I also prefer good gameplay. It looks good when a company has a room full of programers, or even a dedicated graphics programer, but I've deleted some games with great graphics because they were boring.

RE: Palm wars is such a let down!
jws @ 8/17/2003 8:04:27 AM #
>Any monkey can write a fun game with terrible graphics.

Wow, that's the biggest bullcrap i've heard in days...

-- jws
(Palm m100 > Palm IIIc > Oregon Scientific Osaris > Palm m125 > Sony CLIE SJ22)


M3wThr33 @ 8/16/2003 5:13:10 AM #
You have to have a Wi-fi device to win a wi-fi device at McDs?


I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation. We're in space.

RE: ???
Altema @ 8/16/2003 1:19:33 PM #
Yeah, weird. Kind of like having a driving contest to see who gets a free driver's license.

Chicagoland WiFi contest...

wendo @ 8/16/2003 6:43:47 AM #
The contest at McD's in Chicagoland is not for and IBM laptop or Tungsten C. Instead, it's for Toshiba products; a Toshiba handheld or Toshiba laptop.

Just to let you know.


Pilot 5000, Palm IIIc, Clie N710c, Clie NR70v, Tungsten T, Tungsten T2

RE: Chicagoland WiFi contest...
greentruck15 @ 8/17/2003 9:26:45 AM #
I don't like McDonalds, they are an evil empire, I do like wifi though. I would rather drink coffee of sit in my room in my underwear.

RE: Chicagoland WiFi contest...
TDS Computer @ 8/17/2003 4:55:02 PM #
" I would rather drink coffee of sit in my room in my underwear."

Your underwear is WI-FI Enabled? What is it... 802.11p?

Visit us at www.tdscomputer.com



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