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PCWorld asks in this article: Will You Trade On Your Handheld? I sure would, what are everyone else's thoughts? Also in the news today is an article over at CNN that talks about the pros and cons of the wireless web today. I was also sent two good testimonials from Palm Infocenter readers setting up wireless connections with their Palms and cell phones. Hit the read more button for their wireless palm stories.

Kim writes, With a Nokia 5190, Voicestream (Infostream service option), a Palm V, GlobalPulse from Handgear.com, and HandWeb from Handgear.com, I've successfully browsed the internet with my palm and NO modem.

Avantgo has good web page optimization, but I can't figure out how to browse live with it yet. I can browse live with the above setup, but the content isn't optimized. If I could put 2 and 2 together I'd be running sweet.

There is a site, www.pawgo.com that can act as a portal to the PDA friendly sites. It's sort of a bypass to Avantgo because it hits the same sites you get to with Avantgo channels. It looks great on the pc, but when I put in the URL on my configuration above it sends me to digital.forest which has nothing to do with anything?

Regardless, the connectivity is there. Any digital wireless carrier should work, GSM, PCS, etc. The Voicestream data service is called Infostream. It costs $30 on top of my regular $40 airtime package. BUT, I'm told that DATA time is unlimited and does NOT count against my VOICE airtime package minutes.

SO, take the Palm V plus my existing cell phone, add GlobalPulse for $129, Handweb browser software at $40, and I'm online. Same hardware cost as the $169 Palm V WIRED modem, and I'm wireless now. Just need to figure out the web portal and find more PALM friendly sites.

Also James Fahey wrote in with a question, Okay here is the challenge. I have a Palm Vx and a Motorola L7082 GSM 1900 MHz phone. I live in California where Pacific Bell uses the GSM standard for cell phones. The phone has an IR lens which works with my Casio E-100. Really cool just set the phone down, activate the IR port on the phone and I can surf away do email etc.

Problem is I do not need the bulk of the Casio and would love to get the IR communication going between the Palm and the cell phone. I have searched high and low and have not found anything to date. In fact it took a browse through Motorola over in Great Britain to find the software to get CE to talk to the phone. So in conclusion can anyone help? If I/we can get this working it will save a whole bunch of money because outside normal cell charges it is by far the most inexpensive way to go. No cables to carry around and the phone it's self is extremely tiny.

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GSM on your Palm

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2000 6:49:12 PM #

You" CLASS=NEWS>http://home.t-online.de/home/Martin.Renschler/GSMtoolFAQ.html

You might need to lookup the GSM AT commands for anything funky.

But basically, you'll be using it just like a modem into your
isp. Write a CSLIP script to dial into the RAS, grab the ip
address and away you go.

RE: GSM on your Palm
I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2000 7:14:09 PM #
Looked at it some more. One 3.3 +
Connection - Create IR to modem
Network - The params for your ISP.

Avantgo optimization

I.M. Anonymous @ 3/6/2000 6:58:25 PM #
What do you mean optimization? I've always found Avantgo to be
slow on a "Live" connection. I generally stick with
ProxiWeb, and only use Avantgo for things that don't render
correctly on ProxiWeb.


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