Overclocking your Palm

Take a look at this detailed article over at hardware-one. It's a review about overclocking your Palm. Overclocking is the process of raising CPU speed beyond it's factory settings to increase performance. It's done on the palm through a software app called Afterburner. Thanks to Wilfred for the heads up. Break the 16mhz barrier.

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Overclocking Visor -- now 79% faster

Brian Philpott @ 11/21/1999 9:20:55 PM #
After installing Afterburner II on my Visor, it's now 79% faster according to Quartus's Benchmark. It's also now 183% faster than a stock Palm V.

I have not encountered any problems on my Visor and all software, of which I have a lot, seems to be running just fine. :-)



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