PalmSource Posts More Software Expert Guides

Back in July we first told you about a new area of the PalmSource website that features expert guides on the vast library of Palm OS software. PalmSource has just published additional guides. They are put together by enthusiasts and are arranged by interest, profession and other categories.

Currently, more than 35 "Expert Guides" - topical guides to Palm OS applications, online resources, e-books and user stories - have been developed by real people - passionate volunteers from the online Palm OS community who are both subject matter and handheld experts.

With over 20,000 applications available for Palm Powered smart mobile devices, the Expert Guides help users customize and better utilize their devices based on topic areas organized by the following categories: profession, special interests and tools.

Some examples of current Expert Guides include:

  • "Medicine" by Dr. Ken Willyard, a family physician. He's also creator of Ectopic Brain, one of the leading websites covering Palm OS use in medicine.

  • "Students" by Jen Edwards - Jen is publisher of a handheld computing website.

  • "Emulators" by Mike Ethetton,- Mike is a software developer and author of one of the first emulation products for Palm OS, Liberty.

  • "E-mail" by Will Lau of SnapperFish, one of the leading e-mail software developers for Palm OS.

  • "Browsers" by Alex Bosco, Frequent PalmInfocenter Contributor

  • "Word Processing" by Mike Rohde, founder of a popular Palm OS newsletter.

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"Word Processing" by Mike Rohde

chinchorrero @ 12/17/2003 9:58:26 PM #
"Word Processing" by Mike Rohde.
Good on you Mike.

"Life is Too Short"
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Forgot CaSTaway...

skeezix @ 12/18/2003 9:17:03 AM #

Under Emulation, Mike forgot about CaSTaway/Palm, which is probably the most ambitious emulation currently underway on Palm OS (for now..)

If your'e interested in Atari ST madness, go here:

Cheers! (And Maven.. nice job. Spread the faith!)


The Shadow knows!

RE: Forgot CaSTaway...
maven @ 12/18/2003 9:52:38 AM #
Thanks for the comments. I have actually added CaSTaway, as well as a few other projects, and even put in some screenshots. Unfortunately, the Palmsource web folks have been too busy to post the changes. I'm guessing we'll see them after the Christmas holidays.

By that time, we may even have an OS 5 version of Librety :)

RE: Forgot CaSTaway...
maven @ 12/18/2003 9:54:53 AM #
I mean "Liberty" of course. Either I need to proofread better, or Palminfocenter needs to let me edit my comments :P

RE: Forgot CaSTaway...
abosco @ 12/18/2003 2:59:24 PM #
Yeah, I've got a ton of revisions to my page. I'd hate to overload them, so I'll send them later.

What kind of screenshots can I do? There are only so many times you can post a screenshot of a browser with Yahoo on it before the reader understands the point of these things. Maybe I'll just do the generic GIF the companies make like everybody else seems to be doing.

The whole thing seems cool, and it's nice to see your guide go live after you put effort into it.

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Time Tracking Expert Guide

jackl @ 12/20/2003 11:11:18 AM #
Haven't checked the site in a few days, but some thoughts on one of the guides...

I'm a lawyer, and guess there's less 'penetration' among lawyers because, unlike doctors, they don't have to leave their reference books and computers in an office to dispense advice to clients 'on the hoof'.

Still, I'm puzzled that most of my brethern, many of whom use PDAs as simple organizers, do not use their PDAs for the most ubquitious, painful administrative chores most lawyers in private practice face: recording "billable hours".

This is where the Palm really shines for me. I have used a freeware/OS product, Timesheet 1.5.3 by Stuart Nicholson, which is the #2 "recommended" software in Time Tracking by Gabriel Castellanos. I have used it since using my first Palm III over four years ago. I had somehow never been able to keep time consistently with the tradtional paper 'timesheets' and was usually always being bugged by my office colleagues when it was time to "close the month" and have the previous month's time entered into the billing system

Checking the links though, I very quickly found out that this software has been removed from its former d/l location at Palmgear "by request of the developer", the other link on the expert guide also '404's and a Google search reveals that the software is now AWOL in a *.prc/zip distro (except it is available in uncompiled C on a few open source sites).

I think the developer is working for Snappermail now, and I'm going to drop him an e-mail and ask him what's up and whether this software can be made available again (I'll check Handango and Palmsource first, I guess too).


RE: Time Tracking Expert Guide
jackl @ 12/20/2003 11:36:59 AM #
Just thought I'd report on the results of my search. I found a previous version 1.5.2 on Handango, but it was really difficult to plow through Google to find the latest 11/5/99 distro of the latest (!) 1.5.3.

I did find it here, though at a site called "5 Star Shareware" .


RE: Time Tracking Expert Guide
maven @ 12/20/2003 2:44:20 PM #
Thanks for sharing. I was just thinking about getting a time-tracking program. I'll give this one a shot! :)

RE: Time Tracking Expert Guide
Michael Mace @ 12/22/2003 12:50:27 PM #
jackl wrote:

>I did find it here, though at a site called "5 Star Shareware"

Thanks! I will ask our web team to update the link in that guide.

If you ever have any comments or suggestions on the expert guides, there's a link on each page to provide feedback. It's on the left side of the page.


CCO, PalmSource



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