Release Date for Verizon Pre 2 Possibly Revealed

palm pre 2 verizon release date While the dust hasn't even settled from this morning's Pre 2 announcement, we already have a credible-sounding release date for the first WebOS 2.0 device. Droid Life has received a tip from a Verizon Insider suggesting that the Pre 2 will hit Verizon Wireless on November 11th, alongside an number of Android-powered devices from Motorola.

With another batch of Android devices from HTC coming at the end of October, Verizon appears to be preparing a large selection of midrange and high-end smartphones for the holiday season. With no Windows Phone 7 CDMA devices expected until 2011, the Pre 2 definitely the most notable non-Android device launching on Big Red for the holiday season.

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happened before

richf @ 10/22/2010 5:17:13 PM # Q
Has this first sales in a foreign country ever happened before? I cannot recall this with a Palm device. Seems a bit strange to me. Hoping Palm and Verizon gets it right this time.
Have a nice day!
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RE: happened before
hkklife @ 10/22/2010 5:56:30 PM # Q
The Treo 750 (technically the 750v) debuted with Vodafone in Sept 2006, then the 750 hit Cingular (later AT&T) in Jan 2007 or so. ...though I think you could buy an AT&T/Cingular compatible unlocked version directly from Palm prior to that.

Also, there was the European-only Treo 500v in late 2007. That one never made it Stateside and its planned successor device ("Wanda") was canned.

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