PDAMill Releases Palm OS Title

PDAMill a popular Pocket PC game company has just released their first Palm OS title, GameBox Solitaire. The company plans a number of additional released in 2004 including ports of their leading ppc titles.

The GameBox Solitaire collection packs 10 different card games and was awarded with the 'Best Pocket PC Card Game' Award this October. The game is available for all ARM-powered Palm OS 5 devices, with a free trial available. The game supports both 320x320 and 480x320 resolutions and also works on the Tapwave Zodiac. The full version is $9.95 USD.

Gamebox Palm OS solitairePDAmill is also busy at work on releasing and converting Palm OS versions of their other Pocket PC titles, such as the much acclaimed Snails and Anthelion, their 3D space combat simulator.

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orb2069 @ 1/5/2004 12:24:46 PM #
I guess they decided they actually wanted to turn a profit.


Seriously - The more the merrier.

RE: ObTroll
RhinoSteve @ 1/6/2004 2:33:35 AM #
Well I don't know their books but a lot of PPC game authors are jumping ship to Palm OS due to TapWave. Buy Xmas season 2004, we are going to see a lot this happening. In the meantime, keep on playing SpyHunter! LOL

Woohoo...new Zodiac games!

craigf @ 1/5/2004 1:31:03 PM #
2004 is looking like a good year for 1/2VGA gaming.
- Craig

RE: Woohoo...new Zodiac games!
Verteron @ 1/5/2004 3:05:25 PM #
Indeed, with half VGA and Be's multimedia frameworks it could be a good year for Palm gaming. At least until Microsoft starts shipping DirectX 8 with Windows Mobile... although this is vapourware until I see it (technically Palm OS 6 is vapourware at the moment, too, of course!).

Ka Pow!

jishaq @ 1/5/2004 6:17:36 PM #
Downloaded, installed the 1.4 meg (gasp!) PRC to my Treo 600. It does a soft-reset-crash each time I launch the app. I'm sticking with Bill's (ElectronHut's) Klondike, thank you very much!


RE: Ka Pow!
mikecane @ 1/5/2004 6:49:22 PM #

That's the same sort of shock I got when I found out many 320x480 Kinoma-ed trailers are in the 30MB range!

RE: Ka Pow!
Admin @ 1/5/2004 6:57:07 PM #
I believe this game is for high res (320x320 pixel) devices only
RE: Ka Pow!
Massman82 @ 1/5/2004 8:56:29 PM #
Nope, the game is also optimized for viewing in landscape mode on 480x320 devices. It also takes advantage of music playing capabilities on certain devices.

Clie NX60 - Massman82@PDArcade.com
RE: Ka Pow!
Massman82 @ 1/5/2004 8:58:03 PM #
Whoops, sorry...thought you implied that it doesn't run on higher-res devices. I see what you meant, ignore the above.

Clie NX60 - Massman82@PDArcade.com
RE: Ka Pow!
Courante @ 1/6/2004 12:36:08 AM #
>> 1.4MB?!

well remember the gread debate POS uses memory more efficiently, all PPC apps are bloated?

now you know why in order to get smooth and good looking game would take gobs of RAM, or why putting 16MB for an ARM or no built in memory utility really does not help developer maximizing ARM.

orb2069 @ 1/6/2004 1:25:29 AM #
Thanks, I think I'll stick with Patience(101k) for now. Gaaah.


Looks nice, but...

jws @ 1/6/2004 2:27:25 AM #
...I can't wait for Anthelion and Snails :D

-- jws
(Palm m100 > Palm IIIc > Oregon Scientific Osaris > Palm m125 > Sony CLIE SJ22 > Palm Tungsten|E)
RE: Looks nice, but...
Bartman007 @ 1/6/2004 2:49:10 AM #
I get to pour salt on virtual snails???
Ewwwwwwwww... =)


New Input for Palms...

McTrinsic @ 1/6/2004 5:25:05 AM #
I justz checked their website.

Especially Anthelios looks interesting to me as an old Wing Commander Freak.

However, for the Tungstens, especially the T3, I'd need (and I would buy!) a small joystick-add-on or gamepad controller or similar ... like SONY once had, just to stickit on the Universal Adapter of the Palm.

Now that would rock!

Have fun.

RE: New Input for Palms...
digilaw @ 1/6/2004 12:23:05 PM #
Get a Zodiac :).

memory requirement

Galley_SimRacer @ 1/7/2004 1:37:47 AM #
This is certainly a nice piece of software at a great price, but the 5MB of free space is much too high for most users. :-(

"Life is what you experience between racing games"


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