HP Giving Away Palm Phones

hp palm phone deal free Now that HP has absorbed Palm, the company is wasting no time in moving some newly acquired inventory. While Palm's traditional online store seem to have been shuttered, HP is now promoting a new HP Wireless Central phone outlet.

HP's Wireless Central is currently giving away the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus for nothing more than a two year carrier commitment. That's right, HP is giving away the current lineup of Palm smartphones. Customers can now save a whole penny over the usual going rate with a no charge AT&T or Verizon flavored Pre/Pixi+ of your choice with free activation and other bonus goodies also in the mix. Sprint users can also find deals over the rates at Sprint.com, but customers will still have to fork over some bills; $100 for the standard Pre and $20 for the 1st gen Pixi.

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