Sprint Adds New $100 Rebate for Pre Switchers

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Sprint has added another rebate on top of the Pre's discount pile for newly migrating customers. Effective immediately, Sprint is giving customers a $100 service credit when you purchase the Sprint Palm Pre, sign a two year agreement and port your number over from another carrier. This deal is valid through October 31st (or Oct. 10th according to this page) and will be applied to your Sprint account within "three invoices."

This new credit combined with the recently leaked $50 reduction for "indirect partner retail dealers" show that Sprint is getting more aggressive in its pricing for the Pre.

Sprint Service Credit palm pre

Thanks to AllThingsD for the tip.

Sprint has apparently cancelled the offer. A company spokesperson tells AllThingsD that the offer was "put into the system in error."

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According to this page

SeldomVisitor @ 9/8/2009 12:02:02 PM # Q
That page also says:

== "...This offer is available now but can't be
== combined with other Pre discounts,
== rebates or offers..."

so what's the bottomline?

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