webOS Skin for Windows Mobile Demo'd

PreOne webos windows mobile Pity poor Windows Mobile, which in the last few years has swiftly gone from leader of the mobile OS pack to laughing-stock, in the wake of shiny new competitors like webOS, Android and the iPhone. Just to rub salt in the wound: drmad from the ever-creative XDA-Developers forum was working on an excellent-looking webOS skin for Windows Mobile, but has ceased development due to incompatibilities between Wisbar Advanced Desktop (on which the skin relies) and WinMob 6.5.

Hit the jump to see the video of the skin in action.

YouTube LInk

Thanks to PreCentral for the tip!

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Not Bad

LiveFaith @ 8/27/2009 10:25:47 AM # Q
It will certainly get the wrath of Palm if it hits the market. But man that looked pretty good. Imagine WM with a decent touch interface and the ability to handle apps in cards. That would be sweet.
I would say Redmond has just such a thing underway if they plan to keep this animal alive in the future.
Pat Horne
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I want this

OrionNE @ 8/28/2009 10:40:05 AM # Q
I really like the Palm Pre UI. If a WinMob launcher was availiable that mimic the Pre I would use it. I had been thinking of getting a Pre but now with all location/app usage reporting stuff that is sent back to palm without a way for me to turn it off I am staying away from WebOS products.
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