Ringer Update Issued for the Sprint Treo Pro

Sprint Treo ProPalm Support has issued a new update for the Sprint Treo Pro. The update patches a rare issue with the Sprint Treo Pro where the registry key may become corrupted and cause the phone to stop ringing. The update corrects the registry if it finds it is corrupted and helps prevent further registry corruption.

Full details and a update description can be found here at Palm Support.

Thanks to WMExperts for the tip.

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this update ruined my phone!

focr6 @ 6/17/2009 4:17:55 PM # Q
after i got this update... my power vision connection doesnt work. it says it works, but everytime i open opera or IE, only my home page opens, then going to a different page wont work, neither facebook or google maps, NOTHING WORKS! i just figured out what the problem could be... now i got to call sprint to see if i can remove this update... WIFI does work though,. any of you have been experiencing any problems with the update?
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