Treo Pro Disappears from Palm's Website

Unlocked Treo Pro Best Buy With the recent launch of webOS 1.3.5 and the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus joining the existing Pre and Pixi, the main areas of are now webOS-exclusive. Palm has recently removed the company's most recent non-webOS device, the Windows Mobile-powered Treo Pro from the company's front page, the Palm products page and even the direct links on the online store.

Interestingly enough, a search of brings up a still-active product page for the CDMA Treo Pro in Alltel and Sprint flavors, along with links to purchase an unsubsidized version of either handset. Users seeking an unlocked GSM Treo Pro can still purchase a new unit from Dell for $179.99 with free shipping as well as from Amazon.

Palm first announced the GSM Treo Pro in August 2008, with a mildly updated CDMA version for Sprint and Alltel following in March of 2009.

Interested customers should note that the Pro ships with Windows Mobile 6.1 and Palm will not be releasing an update to WM 6.5. Unsurprisingly, all Palm products older than the Treo Pro, including all Palm OS devices and earlier Windows Mobile smartphones, have long since disappeared from the main areas of