AT&T Mandates Update for Treo 680 Users

Copper Treo 680 AT&T Wireless has begun sending out both SMS and written notifications to Treo 680 users that the 2.11 ROM update is now going to be a requirement to continue using their devices on the carrier after September 15th 2009.

Citing a pending "network upgrade", the AT&T letter claims that the 2.11 update, originally released way back in December of 2007, will give users "optimal call performance". The update contains a number of overall improvements in Bluetooth stability, the added Push-to-Talk capability and updated AT&T branding.

For users with the existing 2.11 update installed, there is no action necessary, as this is just a reminder to download and install the existing update, not a notification of an actual new software update. A related discussion of the story on TreoCentral is here and you can read our original coverage of this update's release in 2007.

Users can download the v2.11 Treo 680 software update at Palm Support.

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I remember this 'update'...

freakout @ 8/10/2009 6:20:51 PM # Q's the one that took away my 680's ability to send SMS messages over the 160-character limit. I really appreciated that. (Thank christ for rollbacks.)
RE: I remember this 'update'...
justauser @ 8/10/2009 6:31:36 PM # Q
Yeah and it's the one that had the nasty habit of switching off the phone radio when it lost a signal - and never switching it back on!

My first ROM roll back became unstable. Have reinstalled different ROM vrs several times. Current ROM (1.04-ROW) has been working for a while and seems stable again.

RE: I remember this 'update'...
freakout @ 8/10/2009 7:17:40 PM # Q
^^ Yep, 1.04 ROW is what mine is running on now too. Doesn't help my Centro, though, which has never been able to send SMS over the limit. Infuriating, because in every other respect it's significantly more stable and snappier than the 680 was.

Actually, the whole SMS limit thing is something I've been wondering about the Pre. Hey Pre owners - what happens when you go to send an SMS above 160 charcaters? Do they get strung together or does it just stop you typing?

RE: I remember this 'update'...
LiveFaith @ 8/11/2009 7:23:45 AM # Q
This is the update that brought me all of my lagginess. I was ery impressed with the snappiness of my 680 as compared to the 650s lags and instability. Bring in ATTs upgrade and shazaaaam back to lagville. Thanks for the change ATT. I'm looking into the custom ROMs now to milk this device until I get a WebOS device on ATT.
Pat Horne
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