Color SimCity now available

Atelier software made good on their promise to have the color version of SimCity available at the end of March. I haven't had a chance to play with it much yet, but it looks great! (Also check out our review of SimCity classic if you haven't already. -R)

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It'a blast!

George Gray @ 4/5/2000 10:51:12 PM #
Just purchased my copy yesterday. It's as addicting as I remember it was years ago. Wish it were Sim2k, but I'll take it. The graphics are very true to the original as is game play. Placement of buildings/objects is tricky at first-the object is placed using the object square's upper left corner and placed where the stylus taps the screen. Speed is a little slow, even on the 'fastest' play, months took quite a while to cycle through. That's fine, for the most part, but when you are low on funds (and don't cheat) this seems like an eternity. There is a nifty little cheat, which may or may not have been mentioned elsewhere, that I will leave to you to find. Hint-think about the easiest cheat in the original PC version...


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