DataViz Confirms Docs to Go for webOS

documents to go webos preDataViz has now confirmed that it is working on bringing its Documents to Go software to Palm webOS. The company has now formally acknowledged that a full version of the application will be available on the Palm Pre later this year.

As Palm's document solution of choice for over 10 years, DataViz is happy to tell you that we'll be releasing Documents To Go for webOS later this year, allowing you to edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on your Pre!

DataViz also provides the on-device document viewer that currently ships on the Pre, hover this version will likely offer the usual two say synchronization and other features. The company currently has a email notifier up for interested people and is also conducting a survey among Pre users on its Facebook page.

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Counting the Minutes...

DarthRepublican @ 7/6/2009 12:58:40 PM # Q
...but not exactly pleased about paying for something that I used to get bundled with my old Treo or Palm TX.
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