SpashTravel for Palm OS Updated

SplashTravel Palm OS SplashData has released an update to its SplashTravel application for Palm OS devices. SplashTravel provides over 15 tools for travel. Users can find real-time flight, weather, and travel info wirelessly as well as other tools such as live currency conversion, currency calculators, country codes, conversion charts, maps and more. This version is mostly a bug fix release that fixes a problem with the currency converter.

SplashTravel Professional edition v2.16 is available as a monthly ($6.95/mo) or standard edition for a one time $29.95 charge, which forgoes the real-time updates.

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If only it were affordable...

joad @ 7/11/2009 1:22:49 PM # Q
Too bad that $84/year for a subscription is simply too much to consider for everyone but high fliers on expense accounts. That has to be a very limited audience for this product, which is probably done very well.

I'm sure their content providers aren't cheap, but in this "real-er" economy it might make sense to renegotiate with them, then charge much less and make it up on volume. Most people would use this every few months, handy tool but not essential considering the alternatives available on any smartphone.
Treo 755p FTW!!! (sorry, Preh).

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are you kidding?

happyPalm @ 7/12/2009 12:42:53 AM # Q
PalmOS is dead. why would i still want to pay $30 for an app? this should be $0.99.
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