Streaming Radio Royalty Deal Reached

streaming musicAfter years of debate and crisis, record labels and online radio stations have come to a new agreement on royalty rates involving Internet music streaming. Streaming companies such as Pandora, welcome the new terms, but are also facing a change in the way they offer their typically free services.

As a result, Pandora's founder says that some of their heavier users will soon be charged a small fee when utilizing over 40 hours of streaming music a month. He says this will only affect the top 10% of their heaviest users and it will only be a 99 cent charge per month.

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15-Year Old Analyst Trashes TV, Newspapers, Radio, And...Twitter

Gekko @ 7/13/2009 7:22:40 AM # Q

As elderly media moguls gathered at the Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, to fawn over Twitter and fret over their business models, Mr Robson set out a sobering case that tomorrow's consumers are using more and more media but are unwilling to pay for it.

"Teenagers do not use Twitter," he pronounced. Updating the micro-blogging service from mobile phones costs valuable credit, he wrote, and "they realise that no one is viewing their profile, so their tweets are pointless".

His peers find it hard to make time for regular television, and would rather listen to advert-free music on websites such as than tune into traditional radio. Even online, teens find advertising "extremely annoying and pointless".

Their time and money is spent instead on cinema, concerts and video game consoles which, he said, now double as a more attractive vehicle for chatting with friends than the phone.

Mr Robson had little comfort for struggling print publishers, saying no teenager he knew regularly reads a newspaper since most "cannot be bothered to read pages and pages of text" rather than see summaries online or on television.

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