Resco Explorer Lite Released for Palm OS

Resco Explorer Lite Resco Software has released a new "lite" version of its Explorer application. This Lite version includes the most popular features from its Explorer 2009 application and is optimized to run on the Palm Pre via Classic as well. The toolset includes a file manager, zipper, image and text file viewer, launcher, backup tool, ftp and network explorer in one product.

Resco Explorer Lite for Palm OS v5.03.1 is available now for $9.95. A free trial period is included and customers can take 20% off via the "CLASSIC" discount code through July 4th.

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Eternal_Visitor @ 7/3/2009 12:31:08 AM # Q
could someone fill me in on what the lite version is missing? seems everything from the normal version is present and accounted for...

(and what's so different about running the program in the classic emulator anyway??? the pre out-powers every PalmOS handheld ever made, so programs shouldn't need optimizations to work properly....or (as usual) am I missing something here?)
that's how I see things. you think I'm wrong? well, that's the way you see things.

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