AT&T Joins Palm Powered Mobile World Program

PalmSource today announced that AT&T Wireless has joined the Palm Powered Mobile World program, connecting mobile operators, application developers and users of Palm Powered smart mobile devices in the Palm Powered Economy.

AT&T Wireless joins existing mobile operator partners Orange, Sprint and Telefonica Moviles Espana, as well as more than a dozen other infrastructure and middleware partners, in this program that capitalizes on the growing smart mobile device market.

As a partner in the Palm Powered Mobile World program, AT&T Wireless will collaborate with PalmSource in several areas, including:

  • Leveraging the Palm OS developer community for the development of Palm OS applications optimized for the AT&T Wireless network;
  • Joint-marketing efforts to identify key Palm OS vertical applications based on AT&T Wireless' target markets and supporting the distribution of these solutions to AT&T Wireless customers; and
  • Collaborating to align the Palm OS platform roadmap with AT&T Wireless' device and network requirements, facilitating cutting-edge Palm Powered smartphones to be brought to market.

As a result of this collaboration, AT&T Wireless subscribers can benefit from easy access to a variety of applications for their Palm Powered devices, while Palm OS application developers can gain from the addition of a large customer base served by the wireless carrier. In addition, AT&T Wireless can provide direction to Palm OS developers on desired vertical applications that take advantage of the AT&T Wireless network, technical and business requirements.

"The partnership with AT&T Wireless illustrates our commitment in collaborating with leading mobile operators to accelerate growth of the Palm Powered Economy," said David Limp, senior vice president, corporate and business development for PalmSource. "We believe that the speed and reach of the innovative EDGE network will stimulate the development of robust, new Palm Powered devices and create opportunities for our developer community to add innovative wireless features to their Palm OS applications."

Launched in the Fall of 2003, Palm Powered Mobile World is a marketing program designed to connect mobile operators, infrastructure providers and software developers to efficiently bring Palm OS software applications and solutions to market, providing increased revenue opportunities and a superior user experience for Palm Powered smart mobile devices.

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Piling on the Treo Bandwagon

talos4 @ 6/29/2004 1:41:11 PM #
The impact of the Treo's success keeps on rolling.
Picking up Handspring was a stroke of genius for P1.


RE: Piling on the Treo Bandwagon
LiveFaith @ 6/29/2004 4:31:33 PM #
HS too.

Pat Horne;


Doo @ 6/29/2004 4:21:29 PM #
Didn't Cingular buy AT&T Wireless?

RE: Cingular?
LiveFaith @ 6/29/2004 4:28:50 PM #
Sounds like the "little widow woman" who wanted to make and eat her last cake of meal and then DIE before Elijah talked her out of it!
Than again, I guess you have to keep on working even though the merger is on the way.

Pat Horne;
RE: Cingular? @ 6/29/2004 4:46:52 PM #
Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too.
RE: Cingular?
Gar @ 6/30/2004 12:17:32 AM #
Interesting, I thought Cingular had put a drop dead date of this month for ATTWS to do the deal. AND, I have heard from some co-workers in Chicago that they have ATTWS accounts with Cingular features. I don't think I will think about this much more, it will give me a headache for sure. HA!

My wife has to sell a lot of candles ( to buy her new Palm.

Who cares

csdmmnt @ 6/29/2004 4:55:02 PM #
We've got the broad selection of Palm OS phones ... hmm ... oh yea the Treo 600. The only real option we have ... oh wait there is the seriously gimped Samsung i500. yawn.

Seriously, why aren't companys releasing Palm OS phones with function?

Treo is fine

Some clamn shell form factor would be ideal with a twist top for tablet PDA use (ala Clie).

High res
SD slot
MP3 capable via Palm OS 5.x application
Mega pixel camera/video

Samsung has shown us what now, 2 or 3 models that are close but have yet to deliver any of these phones ... 1 to 2 years after showing them!?!? /sigh

I just went to a local store and there I see almost a dozen Microsoft Mobile PC Phones ... ugh! For once I'd like to see Palm OS compairable (heck, better) options ... anyone ... anyone ...

Seize the moment!

Seize the moment!

RE: Who cares
johnwong @ 7/4/2004 4:48:03 AM #
F$$k Samsung i500!
I guess this product will never launch!

When my girl friend go to US, I asked her to buy one treo 600 for me if price was under $500. She can't find one and the lowest price she can find was $549. I guess this is too costly for most palm user.

I think palm should set the price lower so that most of us can affort. I guess most palm users want to switch to modile phone pda.


RE: Who cares
RoadKnight @ 7/4/2004 11:04:45 AM #
She obviously wasn't looking in the right place then because you can find them in a number of stores in San Francisco for around $400-450 US, less if you sign a contract(which doesn't sound right for you if you're getting your GF to buy one for you). A new Sprint store opened a few blocks from my apt. there and I got mine for $360.
RE: Who cares
johnwong @ 7/4/2004 1:51:05 PM #
Thanks for the information! I will buy one next time when friend comes from SF. Funny that an auction in Hong Kong selling a new Treo 600 for more than US$600 !


RE: Who cares
Marshall Flinkman @ 7/5/2004 10:50:42 PM #
The Sprint one won't work in most other countries... their network is all 1900 CDMA...

It's not just AT&T, it has to be ALL Carriers

vesther @ 7/4/2004 11:46:40 PM #
Not just AT&T because one is not enough in the world of Palm-Powered Handhelds and Smartphones.

All carriers should get involved with the Palm Powered MWP. T-Mobile, Cingular, US Cellular, Alltel, Verizon, Nextel, I MEAN ALL CARRIERS. Help the Palm Economy out.

A Palm-Powered Handheld is the bread and butter for many people. Without a Palm-Powered Handheld, your progress is all for naught.

RE: It's not just AT&T, it has to be ALL Carriers
Marshall Flinkman @ 7/5/2004 10:42:27 PM #
Sure... except that some of them (i.e. Nextel) don't offer Palm OS smartphones and there hasn't been any indication they're going to. With many of the others, it makes sense... I'm sure that Cingular will get on board, since they're buying AT&T; I'd hope that T-Mo wouldn't want to be left out, Verizon--we'll see, and Sprint's had the most models--3 by Samsung, 1 by Qualcomm, + 2 Treo models and counting...

RE: It's not just AT&T, it has to be ALL Carriers
vesther @ 7/5/2004 11:06:59 PM #
Maybe some carriers are on a pact with Micro$oft (allegedly Motorola and Verizon), which is a crime to me.

Sooner or later, all Palm-Powered Handhelds running under Intel's PXA27X line of processors need to implement Centrino Technology in addition to Intel's XScale technology and Intel's WMMX.


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