Detroit Palm Users Group (DPUG) Launches!

In September 1998, our lives changed. We got our first Palm :-). It was a Palm III, a dinosaur by today's standards. But after years of carrying around a Franklin Planner, this electronic organizer changed our lives. We discovered dozens of useful applications and ways to use our Palm in both our professional and personal lives. Several of our friends have Palms and we're surprised at how little they seem to really know about all the cool features on a Palm.

So with that we decided to start this Palm Users Group. We want to spread the word of the Palm, as well as meet and get to know other Palm owners. We're also eager to learn new things about our Palms.

So please join us. Membership is free. We may ask you to write up a review on an application or accessory you've purchased; we may also ask you to present at one of our meetings. Our goal is to provide a social meeting place where Palm lovers can meet and exchange information.

To learn more, please visit our web site at

Scott & Tracy Dreslinski
DPUG Coordinators

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Palm IIIxe

TSouthworth @ 4/7/2000 4:21:12 PM #
Yep, my life has been changed as well! My Franklin Planner languishes in the closet now that I've acclamated to my new IIIxe. It's the greatest thing! Thanks for thinking of us in the Detroit Area!


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