Graphite Translucent Replacement Case for Palm III

This super sharp color looks just like the new Macintosh G4. Upgrade and personalize your unit today! Normally selling for $39.95, but if you respond before May 1, you can have one at our promotional price of $29.95.
Other colors available are: Blueberry, Aqua, Tangerine, Lime, Grape and Clear. Our cases are precision made for an exact factory fit. Interested parties should contact ( for ordering information.
Mention Palm Infocenter and get a FREE matching color Flip Lid! Additional flip lids are available for $3.95 or $9.95 for a set of 3 in any color.

Note: Don't confuse our PalmMateł brand precision made cases with cheaper ones sold on the Internet (they are poor copies and may damage your unit). If it doesn't say PalmMate, then it's not the real thing!

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Link Dead

Paul @ 4/9/2000 9:35:22 PM #
I want to order one of the new graphite transparent cases. However the link is dead. Help.
RE: Link Dead
Galen Design Worldwide @ 4/10/2000 1:43:02 PM #
Dear Paul:

What link did you use? E-mail us at ( We will be able to help you with your order right away. We have these in stock for immediate shipment. Mention Palm Infocenter and receive a FREE flip lid with your purchase!

Galen Design Worldwide

Regarding the PalmMate brand..

MPKirby @ 4/10/2000 10:22:17 AM #
The big difference between PalmMate brand and the 'other' maker of cases (" CLASS=NEWS> is that PalmMate cases have the typical computer-plastic-texture; from what I've seen online, 'Cool Colors' cases have a slicker finish which make them appear a bit more transparent & less opaque. If shiny-clear is your preference, you'll want to fork over the (much) extra cash for the other brand.

I purchased a 'blueberry' replacement case from Galen Design Worldwide last month, and have been happy with the product. (the company itself had great service, BTW) The plastic is good quality-- survived a 4 foot drop to concrete on its corner with no problems. The hotsync connector is a bit more snug than my original IIIe case, but that's a good thing (my laptop hotsync cable stays put better!)

I think that for most, swapping out the cases is a snap. Those who want to change the case on their IIIe units, though, may have to work at it a bit. I found some differences in the interior of the case from my original IIIe's case-- differences that prevented the case from snapping closed on one side. (NOTE: I was swapping out the case for a IIIe, not a III or IIIx. The interior of the latter two may be different than the IIIe's) In short, the 6 plastic tabs on the inside that snap the case together have a greater depth in the replacement case than those on my IIIe case. On the IIIe, the tabs are very shallow to accomodate the tight squeeze between the screen and the side. The replacement case's tabs were too 'thick' to slot in place between the screen glass and the side.

I solved this easily by shaving away at the tabs with my multitool file, getting them thin enough to work. Once that was done, the case fit like a glove.

I do wish PalmMate had the clear 'slate' color when I originally ordered, though-- I woulda gotten that instead! Ah, well.


RE: Regarding the PalmMate brand..
Galen Design Worldwide @ 4/10/2000 1:54:45 PM #
Thank you MPKirby for your very concise and accurate comments.

Our PalmMate cases incorporate a more expensive process to give the case texture and slight opaqueness. "Texture" to match the factory feel (so it won't slip off your hand) and "opaqueness" to give it a more expensive look. Our cases also holds up to daily use exceptionally well.

The crystal clear cases from is probably a good product and some may prefer the look, but do keep in mind that unless you are extremely careful, scratches will start to show with daily use.

E-mail Link To Us

Galen Design Worldwide @ 4/10/2000 2:11:50 PM #
The e-mail link ( works.

Remember to mention Palm Infocenter to receive your FREE flip lid and your replacement case order.

"Mini-Me" G4

Shannon Brown @ 4/14/2000 4:04:01 AM #
I purchased a graphite case and clear flip lid from Galen Design. I got my order immediately (fastest service I've ever experienced ordering online).

It took less than five mintues to install. With the graphite/clear color combination, I am now the proud of of a "mini-me" G4 look-a-like Palm III. My co-workers are dying to find out where I got my G4 Palm. Maybe in a week or so (after I've had my fun) I'll tell them...

PS: I tried ordering a color case from another web site, waited a month and ended up cancelling my order with them. On the other hand, the folks at Galen Design Worldwide are the friendliest peole to deal with...a great company with great prices...highly recommended!

Clear Case for Palm IIIx. Great Service and Product!

Bob Pogue @ 4/15/2000 7:03:10 AM #
I had a great experience with this product and company. The product arrived very quickly and was very easy to install. The case fits like a glove and looks great. I have had several people stop and ask where they can find one. If you are looking to personalize your Palm III series, this is the company to call. It is rare to find such a combination of great service, product and price.


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