Wall Street Still Positive on Pre Prospects

Despite being down a bit today, shares of Palm stock have been mostly on the rise this week. That is particularly encouraging given the companies dismal earnings report last week. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mike Abramsky sums up the market reaction in a recent note stating "Difficult quarter. So what? It's all about Pre, [...] Palm's management appears laser focused on positioning the company for a leadership position in the smart-phone market."

Deutsche Bank has also put out a post earnings bullish research note covered by the AP. DB's analyst Jonathan Goldberg kept his "Buy" rating and increased his price target by $2 to $12. He reports that "checks" still indicate the Pre will be released on time, and said the Pre might ship earlier than June 30.

Palm 3 Month Stock Chart

Goldberg further comments: "We also confirmed earlier checks and vague hints on their recent call that the company is working on other form factors which we could see in the market sooner than expected."

At the time of publicationPALM is currently trading around 8.19.

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Be Careful Out There!

SeldomVisitor @ 3/25/2009 12:26:00 PM # Q
It's quarter end and Ex-Hedge Fund Manager Cramer had some pertinent words about such things:

== "...So we're seeing that. Again, when your company is in
== survival mode, it's really important to defeat Research in
== Motion, and get the [CNBC Bob] Pisanis of the world and
== people talking about it as if there's something wrong with
== RIM. Then you would call the [Wall Street] Journal and you
== would get the bozo reporter on Research in Motion, and you
== would feed that Palm's got a killer that it's going to give
== away. These are all the things you must do on a day like
== today, and if you're not doing it, maybe you shouldn't be in
== the game..."

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Studebaker Avanti?

CFreymarc @ 3/25/2009 1:27:10 PM # Q
This spiral of the Pre is looking more and more like the fiasco that was the Studebaker Avanti that was the swan song for Studebaker.


That is a company short in capital gives one last radical shot trying to make it but overshoots the market in concept, doesn't sell enough units and folds.

Many believe the first model year of the Ford Mustang killed off Studebaker. There is a very strange parallel between the iPhone and the Pre compared to the market timing of the Mustang and the Avanti.

Too bad there isn't a grove of trees somewhere in Sunnyvale that spells out "Palm" when seen from the air. A few of you will get it.

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surfmaniac @ 3/25/2009 4:04:50 PM # Q
Do some research on this company and, if you can, add some relevant comments but please save these painfully overdone metaphors for some other forum *(maybe failed English majors.com)


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None of these idiots know anything.

twrock @ 3/25/2009 7:30:14 PM # Q
Listen people, trust me on this one.

Any rise in Palm stock pricing is because of smoke-and-mirror games by Palm and the "me-too" media just repeating it verbatim and the gullible individuals who don't know better than to follow these "analysts" to certain destruction by purchasing Palm stock. There's not a shred of truth in any of these positive statements about Palm, the Pre, or any other plans Palm has for releasing any other devices in the future based on webOS. I know this because I know that the Pre never will be released because it is just vaporware based on a vaporware OS.

And you can trust me on this one, because I am a multi-millionaire who has made a killing off of being right on every stock investment I have ever made. And I have consistently gone against the "me-too" media, every time, resulting in fantastic wealth for myself and anyone who has ever listened to my analysis of the stock market.

So contrary to any positive analysis you see of Palm and their products, all you really need to know is that if the analysis shows Palm in a negative light, you can trust that unreservedly. Any positive analysis should, if not outright rejected, be taken with a huge "block" of salt. And if you find yourself starting to actually believe any of it, you are just being manipulated.

Trust me; I know "stuff". (Well, that, and I just shorted a pile of Palm stock.)

"twrock is infamous around these parts" (from my profile over at Brighthand due to my negative 62 rep points rating)

RE: None of these idiots know anything.
2klbs @ 3/25/2009 7:57:32 PM # Q
twrock wrote:
Listen people, trust me on this one.

Trust me; I know "stuff". (Well, that, and I just shorted a pile of Palm stock.)

I wonder how many of those analysts paid the $2500 for the report I posted previously:


In abstract, a 5 year projection of 100 MILLION smart phones worldwide? A 1.2 BILLION application appetite for app-stores? Were Palm to capture even a small portion of this potential, they could surf for a while with their stated intention to roll a number of products based on Web OS. (all "inside" info excluded from consideration, of course).

I believe they've stated a push to sell a million units by calendar year end. I wonder if their planned ability to fractionalize a market dominated by Apple (does the Android store even stock cost applications currently?) mean they can pick up enough revenue to keep them going. I can't grok their numbers, but I truly hope they can. The Pre may not be a design that works for me, but competitor pressure is necessary to keep designs innovative on all sides of the Apple, Android, Palm, Blackberry continuum. Even more cold irony that Palm wouldn't be pushing a "revolutionary" design without being surpassed by a company that won't "just knock this out".
End of Contract with Sprint- to become a "Pre-vert" or go Android?

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