HotSync Problems with Mac OS 9.0.4 and USB

The following appears in the Customer Support section of Palm's Web site:
Apple Computer, Inc. has released the Mac OS System Update v9.0.4 for use with Mac OS 9 operating system. Among other changes the USB drivers have been updated and this has affected the operation of the Palm HotSyncŪ Manager software. HotSync operations may time out and return an error message when synchronizing with conduits for the applications Meeting Maker and Outlook Express. Other conduits with "long" synchronization times such as AvantGo may also be affected.
Palm, Inc. is aware of the problem. We are working on a solution and it will be posted to the Palm, Inc. Customer Support web site in the near future.

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Belkin USB works

.Antonio @ 4/11/2000 5:53:53 AM #
.I use a Belkin USB adapter & it works well w/ 9.04 on a Powerbook 2000 (400mhz). No problems syncing (including AvantGo).
RE: Keyspan USB does not work...
Jonathan @ 4/11/2000 12:04:30 PM #
I am on a PB G3 Bronze - 400 Mhz ...

I am using the Keyspan adapter and this is definitely not working for me...

Suggested Fix from MacFixit for OS 9.0.4 and USB Problem

Ed @ 4/17/2000 8:47:50 AM #
This was in a forum at MacFixit (


To all fellow sufferers, this is the fix for USB hotsyncing the Palm with OS 9.0.x:

Remove the Backup conduit from the conduits folder inside your palm folder.

That's it. No Apple Talk stuff, no File sharing stuff, no speed stuff. Just hotsync and smile.

Please note: at the end you will receive an error message that some of your data was not backed up. Simply ignore it. If you need to run the backup conduit, use IR.

I suspect that those users who reported that they experienced no problems with hotsyncing via USB may use the Palm as it came, with no extra software installed (they are missing out big time...).

My Palm lost its connection during establishing the setup of my handheld. With loads of apps installed, the latter can take some time (the "freeze" period) during which the connection drops without further notice or warning. Removing the backup conduit bypasses this process and propells the palm right into the sync mode. Voila.
It's not a solution but a nice workaround.

Please post whether it works for you.


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