PalmSource/Orange Smartphone Application Contest

PalmSource today announced a new Application Contest, co-sponsored by PalmSource and Orange. The contest, which begins today, encourages the development of Palm OS wireless applications that use the Orange general packet radio service (GPRS).

The awards will be presented during the final day of the Orange Code Camp, which is scheduled for September 13-15 in Poitiers, France. The "best-of-class" grand-prize contest winner will take home a Segway Human Transporter, while category winners will receive an Orange Treo(TM) 600 smartphone from palmOne, Inc. The four categories include: localization; best use of a wireless network in a stand-alone application; most innovative use of a data network; and best phone utility.

PalmSource, a Gold sponsor of the Orange Code Camp, will work with Orange to provide guidance and technical support to developers on best practices for Palm OS wireless application development both prior to and during the event. "The PalmSource/Orange Smartphone Application Contest allows Palm OS developers to strengthen ties with Orange, one of Europe's leading operators, to build the most innovative smartphone applications for Orange's network and customers," said Albert Chu, vice president of business development at PalmSource. "This contest is one of the many activities that Orange and PalmSource are collaborating on as part of the Orange charter membership in the Palm Powered Mobile World program."

Orange joined the Palm Powered Mobile World program in February 2004, and has worked with PalmSource to define Palm OS application specifications that meet its customer and network demands. In addition to collaborating with Orange on the contest, PalmSource is aligning its internal platform testing process to provide developers with a streamlined procedure for getting applications approved for use on the Orange network.

"Our strategic collaboration with PalmSource allows us access to the 300,000-strong Palm OS developer community to drive the creation of wirefree applications for the Orange network," said Steve Glagow, director of the Orange Partner developer program. "The rollout of ever faster wireless data networks presents a huge opportunity for Palm OS developers to modify or create new software that capitalizes on the growing smartphone market."

Orange Code Camp registrants can enter the PalmSource/Orange Smartphone Application Contest by emailing their application to Entries submitted by September 6 will be eligible for feedback from PalmSource technical staff prior to the Orange Code Camp. Final entries are due by 8 a.m. local time on September 15, the final day of the event.

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