axxPac Soon to be Available for Palm IIIe

AMS, the developers of the axxPac, has announced that it will soon be available for the Palm IIIe. Previously available only for the IIIx, the axxPac is a device that allows Palm PDAs to read SmartMedia cards.
The device, which has received some quite positive reviews, doesn't yet appear to be available in the United States, though the AMS Web site lists several resellers in Germany, the Czech Republic, and Japan.
UPDATE: A beta version of the axxPac API went up on the AMS site today. This is a programming utility for developers to enable their programs to interface with the axxPac module.

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wow... how?

MPKirby @ 4/11/2000 3:41:57 PM #
By looking at the site's announcement, it looks like part of the process of installing axxPac on a IIIe involves the spontaneous appearance of a IIIx-esque expansion slot. I just looked at the back of my unit, and it hasn't yet exhibited this metamorphical behavior.

Most likely, the US distributers of this product will require IIIe users to mail their units in to have the axxPac installed. The circuitboard can accomodate the expansion slot, but the soldering involved to install one requires micro-soldering skills.

Bundle this type of service with a RAM upgrade to 4 or 8 MB and I'm sure you'd have IIIe users lining up to get their units enhanced.


Palm V?

CmdrTaco @ 4/12/2000 2:06:34 PM #
/me wants palm v version ;)


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