palmOne Offers Education Bundle School Special

palmOne today announced a back-to-school offer that adds up to big savings for educators. The back-to-school "E" is for Education offer runs now through Oct. 30 and offers free handhelds and software on classroom purchases.

With the purchase of 30 Tungsten E handhelds, educators will receive an additional three Tungsten E handhelds, a special eBundle of software and accessories valued at more than $800, and a Software and Utilities Bonus Pack featuring more than $4,000 worth of software and utilities discounts (while supplies last).

The offer, open to all public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities in the United States, is designed to give educators a head start on deploying handheld technology in the classroom or throughout the campus. It is available through authorized palmOne Education Solution Partners or palmOne authorized resellers. More information is available here.

The eBundle includes the following:

  • 33 copies of one eBook title (buyer's choice) from the eReader® Classics Collection;
  • one copy for the teacher of any eBook title from;
  • 33 Zire logo backpacks;
  • 33 Palm logo graph-ruled notebooks; and
  • 33 palmOne Software Education Demo CDs, containing information on the use of palmOne handhelds in schools and research, and descriptions and select trial versions of more than 200 curriculum and management applications.

The bonus pack includes discounts on utilities, curriculum and productivity titles, such as eBook Studio from eReader, ImagiProbe from ImagiWorks, SD Express! from Grant Street Software, and Documents To Go Premium Edition 7 from DataViz.

Educators also are encouraged to visit the new palmOne Education eBook Store to browse through one of the largest eBook stores in the world. With an expansive collection of more than 13,000 titles, the store offers a comprehensive selection of eBooks for teachers and students, and quantity discounts to assist educational institutions in deploying eBooks into classrooms, schools and district or statewide initiatives. Customized solutions and tools to support teaching and learning also are available, including the eReader Classics Collection, a comprehensive collection of 500 titles commonly found on middle and high school reading lists; eBook Studio, which allows teachers and students to make their own eBooks; and the eReader Pro software application, with a built-in Webster's New World Vest Pocket Dictionary to enhance the reading and study experience.

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Beavis @ 9/13/2004 3:16:50 PM #
Good way for PalmOne to get rid of some excess inventory.

RE: Neat!
eston @ 9/13/2004 4:58:31 PM #
A little late, isn't it?

..: eston

No clothes?

dchev @ 9/14/2004 8:59:36 AM #
Anyone have more direct info on the software education demo CD and software utilities and bonus pack?

This link describes some things:

My read on the "software utilities and bonus pack" is that it's the equivalent of a coupon book. Save $4000 if you spend $x where x >> 4000. No actual software appears (from the docs) to be in this poorly named pack. I'm willing to bet that these discounts are offered to any education customer directly from the vendor as well.

Could there be anything on the demo CD that isn't on the education web site already?

Anyway, getting 33 T|Es for the price of 30 seems a nice bonus, but they already had that for any palm model, not just the E:

the logo branded backpacks and notepads don't seem like high demand items, more like advertising for palm.

As for the eBook, well, classics = cheap. Probably about $3 for a real classic in the public domain, which could be obtained for free from

So, my point is that this is a hyped up marketing gimmick. The real value is the additional handhelds, not the fluff added on to it to make it seem bigger.

Slow news day, I guess.



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