Doomling renamed to Dreadling

The game we've all been waiting for is still on-line for a April 24, 2k release, but has been renamed to Dreadling, the second time this game has been renamed. Originally it was called Wolfenstien 3D before changing to Doomling and then Dreadling. You can get all the details at the new URL: Read more for the full email.

Thank you very much indeed for showing interest in DOOMling. As you may know, the release date has been changed to the 24th of April 2000. We are sorry that you did not receive a message via this mailing list regarding the change, but there were a few issues that we had to resolve before we could release the product...

** DOOMLing has been renamed to DREADling **

We hope that you like the new name!

As far as the game is going, everything is on track with review copies being sent out this week. Please do not email us requesting review copies - you will be ignored!

A few frequently asked questions:
Q: Will DREADling run in colour on the Palm IIIc?
a: No, however it will work, just in greyscale

Q: How much will DREADling cost?
a: Not yet decided, but it should be in the range $20-$28

Q: Will you be moving the deadline again?
a: NO! Not if we can possibly help it.

Q: Can I sue you?
a: No

Q: When will the shareware version be available
a: On the 24th, same as the full version

Thank you again for your interest, we will be sending out another mail shot just before the release date, with a full feature list and detailed information on how to download the shareware version, register for the full version and what you get when you do. All the best, The DREADling Team

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Dreadling Price

C @ 4/12/2000 9:29:50 AM #
$28 is way too much for a Palm game. $20 is at the
high end, but I might consider it. I think $10-$15
is the ideal price point for mass marketing a Palm game.
InfoCenter, how about a survey?
RE: Dreadling Price
J @ 4/12/2000 12:16:53 PM #
So download the shareware version before you judge. If it's as good as it is hyped to be, then the money is justified. If it's not, you don't have to buy it. If no one buys it, the price will eventually drop.

Based on the general feedback about Tiger Woods Golf, its high price was justified.

Too much $$

Swanny @ 4/14/2000 11:20:31 AM #
I agree that $20 is the high-end limit for Palm app pricing. I don't care how good it is, if it costs more than $20 I won't be buying it.


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